Monday, May 01, 2006

Matt Leinart- Arizona Cardinals

Matt Leinart was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday in the NFL Draft.  He was the #10 draftee, but was hoping to go higher than that. His teamate, Reggie Bush, went #2 to New Orleans.  I'm a huge Matt Leinart fan and think he will do great in Arizona. I don't think they were his first choice, but may turn out to be the best place for him.  Matt was great at USC and I enjoyed watching him play every week.  I haven't been a big NFL fan, but I think I will be watching this guy.  I am the newest Arizona Cardinal Fan. 
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Matt will be #7 (his high school baseball team number)  #11 (his USC number) is already taken.  Arizona is thrilled to have Matt, they called their luck "a gift from heaven" since nobody expected he still would be available when it was time for the Cardinals to pick.  In fact they picked within minutes of their turn, even though they had 15 minutes.  They wanted to send a message how they felt about Matt and ran to the podium to make their selection.  I think Matt will be one of the great QBs in the NFL.  Matt will always be a Trojan. 


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Jamie said...

YES! You HAVE to root for an ARIZONA team now! To bad your man Matt is dating skanky Paris!