Sunday, September 28, 2008

I dreamed of Obama last night

I actually had a dream of Obama last night. Pretty weird if you ask me. Well this is how the dream went. We both were going to USC in the same field of study so we knew each other pretty well, and he was running for President (after all he is a great multi-tasker as his peeps like to point out as to the reason he didn't have to run to Washington to help solve the countries financial crisis....). Anyway, we were going to dinner together, you know, just hanging out one night- I guess he had time during the campaign. We were just talking about him maybe becoming President, and I say to him:

"If you invite me to the White House, I will vote for you!" He then replied that he would have me come by every month. I then responded that I didn't need to come every month but at least once in the next 8 years..... (I remember in my mind as I was sleeping and viewing my dream, I was horrified that I said 8 years, assuming he would win and be re-elected).

We then sat down at our table to eat dinner and he pulls out a list from his pocket of all his friends at USC and I see my name on his list and he puts a "yes" next to my name as if he just checked off another vote for him.

My initial thought was, "He is just being nice to me because he wants my vote!" He really isn't my friend after all but just is offering me dinner and a white house visit so I will vote for him!" I was really disappointed.

Last thing I remember before I woke up was thinking it was weird that he was just now getting his Master's Degree...

So what do you think? Anybody want to interpret this dream for me?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Viewers?

So did you watch the first Presidential Debate last night between Senator McCain and Senator Obama? Initial reports show that it had just an average viewership. Experts are blaming it on the fact it was on a Friday night.
I have to admit, I did not watch the debate and I am a political junkie. I just didn't care to watch it. I am pretty firm in my support of the McCain/Palin ticket. Page and I wanted to go to dinner and get some shopping done, and I figured I could hear a re-cap when I got home. We went toplus Cody for dinner and every restuarant was packed, plus High School Football had people out in Powell and Cody. I thought because of the debate, we would get seated pretty fast. Nope, we had to wait to eat. So many had the same idea as we did.

So when I got home, I turned on the cable news shows and Fox had McCain winning and CNN and MSNBC had Obama. What a surprise. So if you watched the debate, what was your opinion? Who do you think won? Did it make you change your mind if you wer already commited to a candidate, or if you were undecided, did it help you make up your mind?

My mom called later that night and she said she watched the debate. I asked her who she thought won and she couldn't really say, but said she was still supporting McCain.

Aren't Presidential Elections fun? I am sure the VP debate will be better watched since people will want to see how Sarah Palin does against the old vetran, Biden. (Just my prediction).

Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Falls Hard

Oregon State beat the #1 ranked USC Trojans 27-21
The score appears closer than what I watched on the TV last night. USC was dominated top to bottom from a team that is not ranked and has already lost two games. How did this happen? Everyone had USC in the title game this year. We beat Ohio State big and it was just a stroll in the park to the championships. Well, I think that's what the team thought, becuase USC did not come out to play. I think they think teams will just bow to them. Well Oregon State, to their credit, ran right at them and beat the kings. I had to turn off the game it was so painful. We only looked decent in the third quarter, when we scored 14 points.
Oregon State's, Rodgers, was the star of the show. If you watched the game, you had to be impressed with that guy. And he is only a Freshman! Well so long National Championship and the Crystal Football. Now we must focus on the Rose Bowl trophy, which is still a pretty good prize...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain is showing better Leadership

Although I don't think McCain is the better man on the economy vs. Romney, I still do not trust Obama to run anything in the government, especially the economy! And it was very clear to me how much he is only in it for himself (Obama) by his reaction today when McCain asked that they both suspend their campaign for a few days to get back to Washington, D.C. to work on the financial crisis hitting the country. McCain is putting country first. He walks the talk! Obama's response? Call me if you need me. Obama loves to attack McCain on the things he has done, but at least he gets in there and does something. What has Obama done in his role as US Senator that means anything? He can't even suspend his campaign a couple days to go do the job the voters of IL elected him to do? US Senate Leader, Reid, said they didn't need Obama...... they got that right!!!

I'm sure they will paint McCain as just scared to debate, or doing this for a gimmick, but I believe McCain does put country first. And why would he be afraid to debate foreign policy- the topic of Friday's debate. McCain has more foreign policy experience in his little finger compared to Obama's whole body.

I have more respect for McCain for his decision to go solve our national crises over his desire to be President, something Obama just doesn't get.....

Where's Romney?

With all the financial stresses facing our country at the moment, I can't help but wonder how the GOP campaign would be going if Romney was the Republican candidate. Can anyone touch Romney on economic issues? I would feel a lot better if Romney was still around.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm finally doing it! I am going to try to get some of this excess weight off of me! I have been on a "structured"diet for two days. In the past, I would tell myself, "just eat less" or "eat healthier" and I would go on my merry way getting a couple tacos here or a milkshake there.....

Well a couple weeks ago, my blood sugar spiked up the the 300 range. UGH! I was feeling lousy, and I realized, this is it! When am I going to wake up about my health?

So, I am trying a diet that will bring down my blood sugar and hopefully my weight. During the day it's pretty easy for me, but night time is aweful! I want to raid and eat anything and everything. Night time is usually when I consume lots of food. I'm not hungry, but I want to eat so bad before I go to bed. So far so good in staying away from the tempting morsels.

I won't tell you how much I weigh, but I will be happy to post the pounds I drop on my blog. Maybe if I know I have to post my progress on my blog, I will be more committed. So if you see my around, please don't offer me an ice cream sundae, or a bag of fries, or just about anything that I LOVE TO EAT.

Some words of encouragement will be nice.

So here I go to find the healthier Mike!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And you question McCain's integrity?

I know this is a bloody campaign and both sides are swinging hard, but I have to vent. Why is the media hell-bent on getting Obama elected? I am getting sick of the Palin bashing. It's never ending. And then any hesitation (ie, what is the Bush doctrine?) they all gang jump her and cry how she cannot be a hearbeat from the Presidency.

Hello! Obama has no foreign credentials and he would be the Presdient!!! Doesn't anybody see that? The media doesn't....

Why I really am blogging today is because I read where Palin is being mocked because she didn't mention the e-bay plane or the bridge from nowhere in her Ohio campaign stop today. As I see it, at least she tried to sell the plane on E-bay. So it didn't sell. But she found a broker and sold it. She just didn't give up! (Like the Dems want to do in Iraq... opps sorry, low blow....). Then they mock her because it sold for less than what she paid for it. Ok America, how many of you have sold a used car for less than what you paid for it? Give me a break media!!!!

Now let's get to the Bridge from Nowhere...... Palin likes to say she voted against the Bridge from Nowhere, which is true... but what the Dems and Media love to point out that she use to be for it before she was against it. Ok, that may be well and true, but why isn't the media reporting this as loudly as they are reporting about Palin....

OBAMA and BIDEN both voted FOR the Bridge to Nowhere, not once, but twice!!!! They actually voted to fund the brige. Palin never did that. Yet often is that pointed out by the Media? Boy, is that NOT showing integrity....

Coverage of this campaign is really a joke. Is anybody seeing this? I am sure the Liberals think this is fair and objective reporting, but it is actually getting me very upset. It's one thing for the Obama campaign to stretch the truth, but I would expect our free press to challenge that if it is wrong. Or point out hypocricy on both sides. It just seems to be a one way street with Republicans getting rail roaded.

Is it too much to ask America to have a press corp with integrity?

So am I just a biased conservative?

Does the media seem to be losing it?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Connie's Birthday

My sister, Connie, would have been 45 years old today. She only made it to age 21, involved in a terrible car accident on her way to Utah. It's been so long since she has been gone, but I still miss her and wish she could be around sometimes. But I know families are forever, and I am comforted in knowing we will be together again someday.

I'm sure you are doing great things, Sis! Love ya !!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sean's First day in Buenos Aires

Sister Benton, Elder Gilmore, and President Benton

We received this photo in the mail on Friday of Sean with the Mission President and his Wife, taken when he arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was taken on his first day in Argentina - August 19, 2008.

Sean said the area where the mission home is reminded him of Seal Beach. If this photo is any indication of that, I agree! This photo looks like it could have been taken in Grandma Sherry's backyard in Seal Beach, CA.

It is winter in Argentina, but you wouldn't know it by looking at this photograph.

Doesn't Sean look great?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

USC dominates Ohio State

QB Mark Sanchez throws 4 TD passes! Do I smell Heisman?

USC 35 tOSU 3

Ohio State started out strong and made a field goal early in the first quarter, but then the rest of the night belonged to the USC Trojans. USC looked like a #1 team tonight and is in the driver's seat to the National Championship game. USC played great on both sides of the ball.

I sure do miss my season tickets!!! Maybe I can find tickets and make it to the Washington State game this year in Pulman, heck it's only a 10 hour drive!

Great win tonight

It's All BYU


Wow, is that really the score? Awesome BYU!!!!!!!!!! BYU maintains the longest winning streak in the nation and beats one of my least favorite teams. I am really excited for BYU.

I can't wait to email Sean down in Argentina this week to tell him the good news. I bet he will wish he was in the stadium today, but he is engaged in a good work....

My beloved USC Trojans and the Ohio State Buckeyes just started their game. So off I go to watch. I hope we are as victorious as BYU today.

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike slammed into Texas last night, and as I write this blog, it is hovering over Lufkin, TX. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know we lived in Lufkin, Texas before we moved here to Wyoming. We were in Lufkin only about a month when Hurricane Rita hit and caused damage to our property. I also was working the emergency center at the hospital all night. Sean and I spent many weekends helping people clean their property with other priesthood holders in the Church.

Well, now Hurricane Ike has hit East Texas, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the great people of East Texas, and especially all our friends in Lufkin. Waking up this morning and seeing the destruction on Galveston Island was amazing. Page and I have visited Galveston and really loved eating at Fish Tales- where I have eaten the best gumbo and shrimp kisses I have ever had. That restaurant is right on the seawall side of the island. I wonder if it made it through the storm?

We also lived in Shreveport, Louisiana for 4 years and our prayers go out to all of our friends of Shreveport. You are being hit also and are in danger of tornadoes today. We are so far away from you today, but we are with you in spirit.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9-11

President Bush dedicated the Pentagon Memorial to honor those who died on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon. One of my best friends from high school, Christopher Newton, was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon that day. The whole attack was surreal, but knowing I had a friend that perished that day, made it that more personal to me. He left behind a beautiful family. He had just moved his family to Virginia from California and was going back to California to wrap up some loose ends.

I was able to go to his memorial service and sing with the Silver Lute Singers, our old high school madrigal group. I still remember it vividly 7 years later. I was living in Louisiana at the time, and the President came to the Air Force Base that day staying away from Washington.

With this Memorial, we will be reminded of those events as the years pass away. I hope to go see it in person some day and honor Chris.

There is a bench for each fatality. If the person was in the building, his or her bench face the building. If the person was on the plane, the bench faces out to the sky. They placed the benches by age. The youngest was 3 years old, and the oldest was 71. Chris was 38 at the time. At night the benches light up and there is a reflecting pool under each bench. The trees are maple that turn bright red in the late fall. The wall around the memorial starts at 3 inches and ends at 71 inches, another symbol for the ages of the victims.

There are many memorials being held today in honor of the over 3000 killed by evil men. May the Lord bless all those who are in pain today and who have lost loved ones from evil acts and those who have died since then fighting for our right to live in freedom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are the Democrats falling apart?

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Democrats are crashing and burning?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Horns

Page and I took a relaxing drive through the Big Horn Mountains over the Labor Day weekend. I took a couple shots of some of the dramatic views we saw.

I really liked the red rocks. Once we got on top of the Big Horns it was all green with big meadows and beautiful pines.

Here is Chimney Rock outside of Shell right before we got to the Big Horns.

Dirty Annie's is right out of Shell too. We had to make a stop for corn dogs and root beer floats. Mmm mmm good!

Here I am the road warrior ready for my Big Horn adventure