Sunday, September 28, 2008

I dreamed of Obama last night

I actually had a dream of Obama last night. Pretty weird if you ask me. Well this is how the dream went. We both were going to USC in the same field of study so we knew each other pretty well, and he was running for President (after all he is a great multi-tasker as his peeps like to point out as to the reason he didn't have to run to Washington to help solve the countries financial crisis....). Anyway, we were going to dinner together, you know, just hanging out one night- I guess he had time during the campaign. We were just talking about him maybe becoming President, and I say to him:

"If you invite me to the White House, I will vote for you!" He then replied that he would have me come by every month. I then responded that I didn't need to come every month but at least once in the next 8 years..... (I remember in my mind as I was sleeping and viewing my dream, I was horrified that I said 8 years, assuming he would win and be re-elected).

We then sat down at our table to eat dinner and he pulls out a list from his pocket of all his friends at USC and I see my name on his list and he puts a "yes" next to my name as if he just checked off another vote for him.

My initial thought was, "He is just being nice to me because he wants my vote!" He really isn't my friend after all but just is offering me dinner and a white house visit so I will vote for him!" I was really disappointed.

Last thing I remember before I woke up was thinking it was weird that he was just now getting his Master's Degree...

So what do you think? Anybody want to interpret this dream for me?

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Lacey said...

Maybe you assume that he is going to win but you also know he is a FAKE!!!! lol love you!