Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Falls Hard

Oregon State beat the #1 ranked USC Trojans 27-21
The score appears closer than what I watched on the TV last night. USC was dominated top to bottom from a team that is not ranked and has already lost two games. How did this happen? Everyone had USC in the title game this year. We beat Ohio State big and it was just a stroll in the park to the championships. Well, I think that's what the team thought, becuase USC did not come out to play. I think they think teams will just bow to them. Well Oregon State, to their credit, ran right at them and beat the kings. I had to turn off the game it was so painful. We only looked decent in the third quarter, when we scored 14 points.
Oregon State's, Rodgers, was the star of the show. If you watched the game, you had to be impressed with that guy. And he is only a Freshman! Well so long National Championship and the Crystal Football. Now we must focus on the Rose Bowl trophy, which is still a pretty good prize...

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