Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marie........ You are Safe

Tonight, on Dancing With the Stars, Marie was spared. They had her hanging until the very end. I thought for sure she was going to pass out again when they called her safe. I think she was prepared to be at the bottom. Last night was not one of her best performances and when she was getting feedback from the judges, as many of you know, she passed and and dropped to the floor. Very tense moments. Glad to see her still in it and I know she will be ready to go next week. From what she said, I think she and her partner are going to do the Pasa Doble. I love that dance, so let's see what Marie can do with it next week.

I think Marie fainted because Jonathan is holding onto her so tight. Look at the pic! Easy Jonathan, easy...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white.... Halloween?

I just got back this morning from a 3 day retreat for my work. We were about 70 miles from home. Just 2 miles from Yellowstone Park. The last two days it snowed. It was very pretty. We stayed at Pahaska Tepee- the hunting lodge of Buffalo Bill Cody. Here is a picture of the original lodge. We stayed in more modern cabins. On Thursday it was very exciting to see a huge big silver-backed grizzley bear right across the street from the lodge. Unfortunately I did not have my camera or cell phone with me but he was a magnificent animal. We also had a little fox hang outside the mess hall looking for a handout. This morning he caught himself a duck. Coming back down the mountain I found no snow in the Big Horn Basin. Happy about that. But winter has hit Yellowstone. At least for the weekend.

Driving back home this morning, it looked like a winter wonderland.....

USC beats Notre Dame... BIG !!!

We beat Notre Dame tonight. Our biggest rival. How bad you ask? Well let's see......
USC 38 Notre Dame 0
Won by 38 points- biggest point margin in the history of the rivalry.
It was a shut out. Only the 6th in the history of the rivalry.
Last time we shut out the Irish in their stadium? 1933
Worst home loss for Notre Dame since 1956
We have now beat the Irish 6 straight times, our longest winning streak against them ever.

Yeah, they may not have the best team they have ever had, but a win against a rival is sweet anyway you look at it. FIGHT ON !!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn in Wyoming

All the leaves have been turning here in northwest Wyoming. Autumn in the Rockies is beautiful. Wyoming doesn't have a lot of trees, but in the canyons you can find nice green pine laced with yellow cottonwoods. Not a lot of reds, but once in awhile you find the reds bursting through. We have a couple cottonwoods in our yard that are nice and yellow too. Happy Fall!

There is also snow up in the mountains. We found a bunch of it up in the Big Horns. But it is already on all the mountain tops.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

USC vs. Notre Dame 2005 Final Drive

All time Classic. Could we be in for another wild game this Saturday?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Believe and Beat Arizona

Fans chanted "We Believe" as the Trojans ran out of the tunnel. Students wrote it on their chests (see pic) and we went on to beat Arizona 20-13. It was touch and go, but then in the 4th quarter, a true freshman, Joe McKnight returned a punt all the way back to our 20 yard line and the very next play our back-up quarterback hit Davis in the end zone. That put away the game. We lost another key player today too. How much more can this team take. I think the injuries are up to 12 now. This is not the same team that started out the season. Our biggest game of the year is next week against our top rival, Notre Dame. We have to play the Irish in South Bend too. They have only won one game this year against UCLA. Let's hop they don't sweep the Pac-10 this year.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Down goes the mighty Trojans

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but the weekend was busy, and who wants to post that the #2 ranked USC Trojans lost to a 40 point underdog. Stanford beat USC saturday 24-23. They say it's the biggest upset in college football. We had a 35 game home winning streak going. We hadn't lost in Los Angeles for 6 years. The last team to beat us there was Stanford. This year, I wasn't even worried about this game. I mean, no offense, but Stanford sucks! They had a first year coach with a first time Quarterback playing us. This kid hadn't played a college game before in his life until Saturday night. Our QB, Booty, threw 4 interceptions and we had tons of turnovers. I can't believe we only dropped to #10 in the polls.

Lucky for me, I didn't even watch the game. I was watching General Conference at church. I didn't even hear the score until about 11 p.m. that night. This week we play Arizona. We should beat them, right? If BYU can beat them we can. Can't we? FIGHT ON!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I talked to Fator

Did any of you watch "America's Got Talent" this summer? The winner was Terry Fator. I didn't watch the show and I never heard of Terry Fator, but he won a million dollars for his talent.

I did talk to Mr Fator on an elevator in Sheridan, WY on Wed. night. He was at the Wyoming Hospital Association conference, to entertain us after dinner. I was coming down for dinner in the elevator and he entered the elevator at one of the stops. He had some luggage and I made a comment on a tag he had on it. We only exchanged a few words and then we exited the elevator. Later, I recognized him as he was putting on his show. It was great! He is very talented. He was funny. He could immitate so many voices as he sung their songs. His puppets were funny. He said he is opening in Vegas in a couple weeks. I'm sure he will be a big hit.

Well, that is my story about meeting a celebrity in Wyoming.

New President

I am a member of MGMA and will be going to the national convention in Philly later this month. Most states also have state chapters, but Wyoming's chapter has become inactive over the years. Me and another MGMA member have been working to get a WY chapter up and running. We have been able to find other health care execs who are interested to re-start a WY Chapter. This past week we had an election and I was voted the President for WY MGMA. I am really excited to get the chapter running again in WY. I will be getting a lot of help from the national organization. In fact, I have to meet with the other state presidents when we go to the national convention.

Also good news at work. I was able to hire a general surgeon from Utah. And I also hired a family practicioner from Ohio. Now all I need is an Internist. My boss said if I can hire one before the end of the month I can have the rest of the year off. I'm sure he was only joking.... or was he?