Thursday, October 04, 2007

New President

I am a member of MGMA and will be going to the national convention in Philly later this month. Most states also have state chapters, but Wyoming's chapter has become inactive over the years. Me and another MGMA member have been working to get a WY chapter up and running. We have been able to find other health care execs who are interested to re-start a WY Chapter. This past week we had an election and I was voted the President for WY MGMA. I am really excited to get the chapter running again in WY. I will be getting a lot of help from the national organization. In fact, I have to meet with the other state presidents when we go to the national convention.

Also good news at work. I was able to hire a general surgeon from Utah. And I also hired a family practicioner from Ohio. Now all I need is an Internist. My boss said if I can hire one before the end of the month I can have the rest of the year off. I'm sure he was only joking.... or was he?

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