Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day

We celebrated Pioneer Day at Washington Park today. All three family wards came together for a big BBQ/potluck. Lacey brought Chris and the kids. Here we are with Ebin and Rhiannon.

Lacey with Chris and the kids (look at all the missionaries goofing off on the merry-go-round in the background)

Page and Rhiannon

Lacey and Rhiannon

Chris, Lacey, Rhiannon and Ebin with their handcart

corn dog

I wanted to show you what the best corn dog in the whole world looks like. I ended up eating 5 of them over this week since the county fair has been here. I had a Pioneer Day picnic tonight and I am going away for the weekend, so no ability to add to that number. Last year I had 7, so I fell a couple short of my record this year..... but there is always next year......

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

County Fair

Today is opening day of the Park County Fair. Page and I went tonight, specifically because it was "free admission" day.... AND this county fair makes the best corn dogs I have ever eaten!!! Well maybe Disneyland's are better, but they are pretty close in flavor and crunchiness.

We ended up getting some sasparilla, a texas twister, corn dogs (of course), Indian taco and an Italian sausage sandwich. We didn't go away hungry.

We also met up with Lacey, Chris and the kids. We treated the kids to cotton candy and ice cream too. (hey we don't have to deal with the sugar overdose.....). They had pig wrestling tonight, but we didn't get over there to see it. We did however see a hypnotist do her thing. We had a nice evening. It wasn't too hot, in fact we had a brief thunderstorm come through.

The Fair is here all week, that means there are more corn dogs in my future!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Roddick Heartbreaker

Nobody really gave him a chance. But Roddick made a lot of fans today, although he lost to Federer in a 5 set Epic match for the ages. The 5th set went to 16-14, longest in history, yet Andy was denied the prize he has wanted for most of his life. It was a heartbreaker. This one is going to hurt for awhile. Especially the second set when he was up 6-2 in the tie breaker and let Roger come back with 6 unanswered points to win the set. If he could have won just one of those points, he would have been leading 2-0 and I don't think Roger could have overcome that. Yet, Andy kept playing tough and even when down 1-2, he dug deep and one the 4th set. I thought maybe the 5th set would go on forever. I did feel Andy was at a disadvantage always having to serve to hold, and even at that disadvantage he held 10 times.

Andy had a great tournament, beating a former #1 and then his greatest match until today, he beat Murray, the #3 player in the world. Nobody expected him to do that. Nobody expected him to even when a set today, yet he almost won. I truly believe this match could have gone either way. They were both that good. I don't want to take anything away from Roger. He now holds the record for most Grand Slam titles at 15. History was made today, but I think we also saw the resurgency of Andy Roddick. I expect to see a championship or two in his future.

I'm still a huge fan of Andy Roddick.

Friday, July 03, 2009

One More, Andy

Way to go Andy in the Semi-finals at Wimbledon. Impressive win over #3 Andy Murray. Murray has beat Andy the last three meetings, but not today. You do have to feel for the British people who have waited 71 years for a Brit to make it to the finals of their own tournament, but it wasn't meant to be. Now Andy has a big challenge ahead, playing #1 Roger Federrer. Enough said! Let's go, Roddick !!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Let's Go Roddick

Andy has been having a great tournament at Wimbledon this week. Awsome 5 set match against Hewitt. Now it gets harder as he plays Andy Murray, who has the full support of the British and is ranked #3. If he happens to beat the other Andy, then it is on to the final.
Go Andy Roddick !!!