Sunday, July 05, 2009

Roddick Heartbreaker

Nobody really gave him a chance. But Roddick made a lot of fans today, although he lost to Federer in a 5 set Epic match for the ages. The 5th set went to 16-14, longest in history, yet Andy was denied the prize he has wanted for most of his life. It was a heartbreaker. This one is going to hurt for awhile. Especially the second set when he was up 6-2 in the tie breaker and let Roger come back with 6 unanswered points to win the set. If he could have won just one of those points, he would have been leading 2-0 and I don't think Roger could have overcome that. Yet, Andy kept playing tough and even when down 1-2, he dug deep and one the 4th set. I thought maybe the 5th set would go on forever. I did feel Andy was at a disadvantage always having to serve to hold, and even at that disadvantage he held 10 times.

Andy had a great tournament, beating a former #1 and then his greatest match until today, he beat Murray, the #3 player in the world. Nobody expected him to do that. Nobody expected him to even when a set today, yet he almost won. I truly believe this match could have gone either way. They were both that good. I don't want to take anything away from Roger. He now holds the record for most Grand Slam titles at 15. History was made today, but I think we also saw the resurgency of Andy Roddick. I expect to see a championship or two in his future.

I'm still a huge fan of Andy Roddick.

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