Tuesday, July 21, 2009

County Fair

Today is opening day of the Park County Fair. Page and I went tonight, specifically because it was "free admission" day.... AND this county fair makes the best corn dogs I have ever eaten!!! Well maybe Disneyland's are better, but they are pretty close in flavor and crunchiness.

We ended up getting some sasparilla, a texas twister, corn dogs (of course), Indian taco and an Italian sausage sandwich. We didn't go away hungry.

We also met up with Lacey, Chris and the kids. We treated the kids to cotton candy and ice cream too. (hey we don't have to deal with the sugar overdose.....). They had pig wrestling tonight, but we didn't get over there to see it. We did however see a hypnotist do her thing. We had a nice evening. It wasn't too hot, in fact we had a brief thunderstorm come through.

The Fair is here all week, that means there are more corn dogs in my future!


Lacking Productivity said...

It might be worth the drive out there just for the corn dog...and to see all ya'll of course.

Karie said...

I'm with Kira! I love corn dogs!