Friday, October 31, 2008

Vet's message to Obama

This is an awesome video from YouTube. You have to watch it !!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Mess with Obama

It's reported that the State of Ohio has been digging deep to investigate "Joe the Plumber". They are checking child support records, tax records, and anything else they can get their hands on. Of course they say it is not politically motivated. They check on all high profile people. Yeah right!

So now if you expose Obama for the liberal, wealth spreading, tax hiking individual that he truly is, you now will be investigated? An American citizen cannot ask a candidate a question, then disagree with the answer? And if a TV Station asks questions that Obama will not like, will he put them on the banned list? This is what American is voting for. Wow.

And a major complaint from liberals is that Bush implemented the Patriot Act and now Big Brother is everywhere. Bush is bad for eavesdropping on terrorists that want to kill innocent Americans and destroy this country, but an Average American says he doesn't like Obama's stand on the issues, and it's ok to call out the dogs?

What's up with that?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day with Lacey

Billings, Montana

Another weekend has come and gone. I spent a wonderful day with my daughter, Lacey, on Saturday. Page and I were going to take her to Billings with us this weekend as we shopped for Sean's Christmas goodies we want to mail to Argentina in about a month.

Well, Page came down sick on Friday and was down and out all weekend, but I still was able to go to Billings with Lacey and shop the day away. We ended up just getting a few things here and there, but it was nice to spend the day just talking and enjoying being together. We also had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. And it was a blast sitting on the massage chairs in the middle of the Mall with you Lacey. I could really get use to that!

Too bad we didn't get our way with kitten adoptions.... meow!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

USC beats Arizona

USC 17 Arizona 10

The score was close, but USC wore Arizona out in the 2nd half. Arizona's offense couldn't get things going except for a gimme when USC fumbled deep in their territory. USC keeps their hopes alive with this win. USC knew this was going to be the trap game of the year, and we got out of Tucson with a win. Arizona has a really good team, USC was just a little better tonight.


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Sick of the Sarah Palin Attacks

I am really tired of the daily barrage of attacks on the GOP VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Some are really getting ridiculous. Her email has been hacked, she is called Caribou Barbie, Her family is attacked and horrible things are being said of them or joked about them. CNN misquotes a National Review Article and asks her to respong to being stupid... the list goes on and on. Now they are attacking money spent on her clothes, yet just as much was spent on "Greek columns" for Obama's acceptance speech, but that's ok? What about the cost for Biden's botox or hair plugs? That's ok? Not a word. But the media jumped on the clothes story like it was the biggest scandal to rock the western world. The other day I turned on Hardball with Chris Matthews and the hatred and venom coming from him was amazing because Palin said to a third grader that the VP gets to be in charge of the Senate and help shape policy. He made a crack that she should have bought a copy of the constitution instead of all those high cost clothes, and she wasn't fit to be VP because she didn't know the job description, etc... GET OFF IT, CHRIS! You are such an Obama homer. Aren't you the one that got a "tingle"up your leg when you heard Obama speak? Give me a break! And did you get on the airwaves to say Biden is not fit to be VP because in his debate with Palin he screwed up about where the VP duties were located in the constitution. And Biden has been in Washington for something like 26 years? Yet I never hear critical reports on Obama or Biden ever. Only McCain and Palin, and mostly Palin.

Sarah Palin is the most popular governor in the United States. She knows a lot more about energy issues than any of the other three running for President and VP. She has more executive experience than all the others too. And her political views are aligned with mine more than the other three too. Is the media and Democratic party afraid of Palin? Is that why all the personal attacks? They are not going at her for her political views, but her personal life, family life, looks, clothes, gaffs. It's disgusting. I am sick of the whole lot of them.

Am I wrong, or is the media not even trying to hide their bias anymore? They are just an arm of the Democratic campaign. I never hear them say one good thing about any Republican. But the Democrats will save us all and walk on water. Unbelievable.

Democrats have controlled both Houses of Congress for two years. Yep, the last two years have been wonderful, haven't they? How many states are controlled by Democratic Governors and Legislatures? Are those states just doing wonderful? I guess it's all Bush's fault, not the Democrats in charge of those states.

I'm just really frustrated. If the country votes Obama, so be it. But I can't abide the press giving Obama a pass on most everything and going after only the Republican ticket.

Am I off base?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Family Photos

Just trying out a new camera we are mailing to Sean this week.

Me and Lacey
(I got a little sunburned golfing on Friday)

Lacey sending Sean a kiss
(we left these pics on the camera for him when he gets it in the mail)

Proud Parents of our Argentine Missionary

Saturday, October 18, 2008

USC destroys the Cougars

USC 69 Washington State 0

First back-to-back shut out for USC since 1971. Biggest defeat in WSU history. Last time WSU was shut out at Martin Stadium was 52 years ago. Last time USC had that big of a shut out was in 1931 when they beat Montana 69-0.

USC didn't try to run up the score either. The coach started pulling out the first string as early as the first quarter. By the third quarter we had all our 2nd string in. By the 4th quarter we had our 3rd string quarterback in and they still scored just running basic plays. Not a good day for the Cougars. I was planning on attending the game this year too since it is the closest Pac-10 school to northern Wyoming, but I ended up attending a wedding reception of my boss's son tonight. (Great cake by the way- yes I had a piece!). But I am excited to say, I will be in California on the 8th and got tickets to the USC-Cal game. So I am taking my twin brother with me to a game in the Coliseum this year. I can't wait.

I am sad to say another Cougar team lost this week too. BYU lost at TCU (a very tough opponent) on Thursday night. I was hoping for an undefeated season, but they are still having a great year and I am excpecting them to beat Utah!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

USC shuts out Sun Devils

USC 28 Arizona State 0

USC is back on track and beat the Sun Devils today in the Coliseum. We looked much better in the first half than the second, but even with 5 turnovers, Arizona State could not capitalize and score. With it snowing outside today, it was a great day to stay indoors and watch a football game.

Fight On, Trojans

It's SNOW time

It's October 11th and we have snow.

Speaking of the #11...... for those of you who have been supportive of my weight loss attempts. I have lost 11 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks... so far. Not too bad for a guy who loves to eat!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Home Alone

Well, I took Page to the airport on Saturday. She is visiting her Mom in California for a week. So I guess I am a temporary Bachelor, so what did I do this weekend?

1. I went to Walmart to buy some bread
2. I watched Saturday morning session of General Conference
3. Did a load of laundry
4. Watched Saturday afternoon session of conference
5. Lacey came over to wash clothes and we ran out of detergent, so I ran to the store
6. I cheated on my diet when I bought a frozen pizza and brought it home (thank goodness Lacey ate part of it or I would have eaten the whole thing)... but hey I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks!
7. Lacey and I watched "Other Side of Heaven" on BYU Channel
8. I went to the Priesthood Session at the Chapel on Saturday night. It was so cool to see the MTC Elders Choir sing during the session. I swear I saw Tim Judd from our ward and I was thinking about Sean the whole time. The choir director, Brother Brenchley use to be my Bishop in California too.

9. When I got home I got to watch some of the USC-Oregon game. USC was already winning 34-10 when I got home, in the third quarter. I got to see USC make a field goal for 3 more points, then ABC switched the game over to the Ohio State-Wisconsin game. WHAT!?! After that game was over, they didn't come back to the USC game so I didn't see the last score, but USC won it 44-10. Looks like we got re-focused.
10. Then I went to bed early (well early for me)

On Sunday:

11. I got up showered and got dressed (wow)
12. I washed the dishes and picked up the living room before Lacey and her friend came over to watch conference.
13. Watched the Mormon Tab right before Conference was starting
14. Watched Sunday morning conference (Lacey's friend didn't show up)
15. Cooked Lacey some eggs, sausage and biscuits (so I cheated on my diet again- but didn't really pig out or anything)
16. Lacey left after the first session, and I just layed on the couch watching tv
17. I watched the afternoon session of Conference, all by myself and was singing with the choir. Man, I would love to be in that choir someday!
18. I put up some Halloween decorations in the living room
19. Channel surfing
20. Ate a salad for dinner (trying to be good)
21. Watching the extra innings of the Angel/Red Sox game. Boston should have won it, but Angels hanging on. I am surprised Angels got swept this year.
22. Posting this blog, maybe will watch the rest of the game, but probably go down to the bedroom and read before I hit the hay.

Big day tomorrow. All our furniture is being delivered for our new clinic and I have an executive meeting monday night. So, as you can see Page, I am staying out of trouble..... I hope you are having a great time with your family in California. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU !!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin was AWESOME

I think Sarah Palin won the VP Debate last night agains Joe Biden. "Say it ain't so, Joe!" I have to admit I was nervous before the debate because the press has been successful in casting doubt about Palin's ability to lead. For me, the doubt is gone. She held her ground against a Senator who has been in Washington for 35 years. She took them on in foreign policy declaring they want to wave the white flag of surrender. She took on the "good ol' boys" when she said something to the effect that she must not be a Washington insider and know the lingo because she doesn't know how they can say they voted for something then say they were against it. The American people want you to be honest and just tell them why you voted for it. Brilliant! Right On, Sarah. She did great with the energey independence topic too. We need to "Drill, baby, Drill!" and "All of the above". Exactly right.

Biden was factual and had a few good rebutals too, but didn't connect like Sarah did. And when he lied, it was so obvious, I was yelling at the screen, "That's a big fat lie!" And I loved how he said he would be sitting in the room with Obama made a decision. Why? Obama can't handle it on his own? That was a big slap on Obama by his VP. And what was with his eyes? Did he get an eye job? They looked wierd. And by the way, he has nice dentures too!

So what did you think of the debate? I don't know if it will change peoples minds of who they will vote for, but Palin was the big winner last night.