Sunday, October 05, 2008

Home Alone

Well, I took Page to the airport on Saturday. She is visiting her Mom in California for a week. So I guess I am a temporary Bachelor, so what did I do this weekend?

1. I went to Walmart to buy some bread
2. I watched Saturday morning session of General Conference
3. Did a load of laundry
4. Watched Saturday afternoon session of conference
5. Lacey came over to wash clothes and we ran out of detergent, so I ran to the store
6. I cheated on my diet when I bought a frozen pizza and brought it home (thank goodness Lacey ate part of it or I would have eaten the whole thing)... but hey I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks!
7. Lacey and I watched "Other Side of Heaven" on BYU Channel
8. I went to the Priesthood Session at the Chapel on Saturday night. It was so cool to see the MTC Elders Choir sing during the session. I swear I saw Tim Judd from our ward and I was thinking about Sean the whole time. The choir director, Brother Brenchley use to be my Bishop in California too.

9. When I got home I got to watch some of the USC-Oregon game. USC was already winning 34-10 when I got home, in the third quarter. I got to see USC make a field goal for 3 more points, then ABC switched the game over to the Ohio State-Wisconsin game. WHAT!?! After that game was over, they didn't come back to the USC game so I didn't see the last score, but USC won it 44-10. Looks like we got re-focused.
10. Then I went to bed early (well early for me)

On Sunday:

11. I got up showered and got dressed (wow)
12. I washed the dishes and picked up the living room before Lacey and her friend came over to watch conference.
13. Watched the Mormon Tab right before Conference was starting
14. Watched Sunday morning conference (Lacey's friend didn't show up)
15. Cooked Lacey some eggs, sausage and biscuits (so I cheated on my diet again- but didn't really pig out or anything)
16. Lacey left after the first session, and I just layed on the couch watching tv
17. I watched the afternoon session of Conference, all by myself and was singing with the choir. Man, I would love to be in that choir someday!
18. I put up some Halloween decorations in the living room
19. Channel surfing
20. Ate a salad for dinner (trying to be good)
21. Watching the extra innings of the Angel/Red Sox game. Boston should have won it, but Angels hanging on. I am surprised Angels got swept this year.
22. Posting this blog, maybe will watch the rest of the game, but probably go down to the bedroom and read before I hit the hay.

Big day tomorrow. All our furniture is being delivered for our new clinic and I have an executive meeting monday night. So, as you can see Page, I am staying out of trouble..... I hope you are having a great time with your family in California. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU !!

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