Saturday, November 25, 2006

USC beats Notre Dame , 5th straight time

USC 44 Notre Dame 24
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What a game! We totally dominated the Irish tonight. Booty was a little shakey in the 2nd quarter, but came back strong in the second half. Jarrett was on fire tonight, he must finally be healthy, catching three TD passes. We had to win big to impress the polls to move up in the BCS. I think we did that tonight. I would expect us to move to #2. That means if we beat UCLA next week, we could be playing Ohio State for the national championship. Wasn't this supposed to be our rebuilding year? We have a chance to win a national championship 3 out of the last 4 years? Unbelievable. This is a great time for Trojan football. FIGHT ON, USC... beat the bRuins!!! And if we don't make it to the championship game, we still will be in the Rose Bowl. Not too bad if you ask me.

BYU finally beats Utah

BYU 33 Utah 31
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ok, with our big BYU visit this week, Sean and I watched the BYU-Utah game on TV. It didn't look to good for the Cougars, but with only 3 seconds left BYU scores the winning touchdown and wins the game, to the shock of the Utah fans. It's been a few years since BYU beat Utah, so I am happy for the Cougars.

New Rexburg Temple

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On our trip to Provo earlier this week we drove through Rexburg and I was amazed how far along the new temple contruction is. You can see the temple up on the hill from all directions coming into Rexburg. It sure is pretty!

Salt Lake Temple

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On Wednesday night we stopped in Salt Lake to see the new Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theater. It was wonderful. The Church does such a great job on their movies: Legacy, Testiments and now the Restoration. I hate how they always make me cry. I'm glad they give you tissues before you go in. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel and that the Lord called a prophet to open the last dispensation. After the movie we stepped outside to see the beautiful Salt Lake Temple all lite up. Another testiment of of the faith and hardwork of the early pioneers.

Christmas at Temple Square

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The lights on temple square were not being turned on until Friday, but a few trees in front of the Church Office Building were on.

My friend Karie

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Here is my great friend, Karie Ludwig. She fed us a delicious meal when we arrived in Utah on Tuesday. She even made me scones.... which were so delicious. YUMBO. Karie and I have known each other since I was a little kid in California. She lived 4 houses down from me. We were in the famous Lakewood Lancer's Marching Band together, she taught me how to dance all cool during the disco craze, she got me interested in singing and trying out for the school musicals after her stunning performance in the Sound of Music..... I got to come to Utah for her wedding to Karl and have seen her family grow. She is now a grandma too! wow. She has two married children already and a son that just went on a mission. A long way since our Lakewood days.... She may never know how special it was to our family when she named one of her girls, Konnie, after my sister died too. Looking back, it's so nice to stay in contact and be a part of somebody's life that you have known for almost all your life. I was thinking about it this weekend, and she is the only childhood friend that I am still close to, knowing who her children are, what is going on in her life, and also when we do get to see each other, things are still good and fun between us. Love ya Karie! and all the other K's in the Ludwig family....

Sean Tours BYU

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We went to BYU this week so Sean could check out the campus and see if he really wants to go there. It was a great trip. The campus is wonderful and we had a nice tour. We got to see the different academic buildings and spent some time in the bookstore. We also checked out the tennis courts and Hellaman Halls where Sean wants to live. I think Sean is hooked, if there were any doubts, they are gone now. He wants to be a BYU Cougar.

Go Cougars!

It's rivalry week so everything is wrapped to protect property from the pesky Utah Utes.
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Sean outside Lavell Edwards Stadium in front of the Cougar statue. Rise and Shout, the Cougars are Out!!! or is that wrapped?

Brigham wrapped

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Well, we can't come to BYU and not take a picture of Brigham Young, even if he is being protected from red paint. Sean already looks like a BYU student with that Y hat on.

Monday, November 20, 2006

USC beats Cal

USC 23 California 9
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All the experts said we didn't have a chance against Cal at the beginning of the year. In fact, the last four games were out of our reach. Well we beat Oregon, and now Cal. We have Notre Dame this saturday in Los Angeles. What a game that should be. This game was great against Cal. Our defense was awesome. Now there is talk we may be back in the championship game against Ohio State, if we can win our last two games. Exciting times to be a Trojan. We clinched our 5th straight Pac-10 Championship with this win. This is the first time any school in the Pac-10 has won 5 straight. We break another record! Pete Carroll has only coached 6 years at USC. We are assured a spot in the Rose Bowl with this win too. FIGHT ON, TROJANS beat the Irish!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Montana Weekend

I had a real good first week of work in Wyoming this last week. There were a few staff issues that seemed petty but necessary to give attention to. I have so many meetings, more than anyplace I have ever worked. In fact, I never had to go home or buy a lunch last week since there were lunch meetings everyday with a meal provided. At least my food bill will be better. On Friday afternoon, Lacey and I packed up the truck and headed north to Montana to spend the weekend with Page and Sean. I found Page not feeling well and she spent the whole weekend in bed or on the couch, poor thing. I was able to get the fence up for the dogs and fix the latch on the gate before the snow hit on Saturday afternoon, so at least that is done and the dogs can be let outside without supervision. Sean and I went to church today and it was good to be back in the Livingston Ward. It feels like home. My records are in Wyoming however, so should be interesting how they can put me to work this year. On Wednesday I went with my Bishop in Wyoming to the Stake Priesthood meeting in Cody. I met a few people, but it will be hard to really get involved in the Ward there with Page up in Montana. Friday night, as soon as we got here Sean was off to a Stake Dance and Lacey was off and running all day Saturday. But Sean and I had fun watching the USC game late Saturday night together. Page made some Taco soup to fill us up today before Lacey and I head back down to Wyoming.

USC Roasts the Ducks

USC 35 Oregon 10
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Everybody had written off the Trojans. After the loss to Oregon State, the close wins at Arizona, Washington, Washington State, etc. this team could not beat the mighty Ducks or Cal or Notre Dame or UCLA...... blah blah blah. Well those doubts have been pushed aside as the USC Trojans killed the Oregon Ducks last night in front of a homecoming crowd in Los Angeles. It wasn't even close. The Ducks got their only touchdown on a questionable call. Even our coach, Pete Carrol had a few choice words about it..... it was great to see the Trojans play the way they did. I feel a lot better about our chances of winning the Pac-10 and getting to the Rose Bowl. A lot of top teams lost yesterday, Texas, California and Auburn. That will push us way up the polls. I've missed watching the last two games since I was busy with the move or had no television. Next week will be another tough test against California.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted Republican

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o.k. President Bush, I did my part and voted GOP today. Not sure if it will do any good, but I'm keeping the faith! I just moved to Wyoming this last week, so not a lot of political clout in Wyoming, and I think the GOP was looking good in Wyoming anyway. I was able to go to the polls and register to vote right on the spot.... that was pretty cool. Even if I didn't want to vote Republican, it would be hard not to in this part of Wyoming. In most of the county, city and school board races, the Republican was running unopposed. I guess it's hard to find a Democrat in these parts. Now if I was up north with Page in Montana, that would be a fun place to vote to see if Burns retains his senate seat and keep it in the GOP column or if the Democrats gain a seat there. Anyway, I won't even know what the election results will be. We do not have TV yet, so I cannot watch any election returns... but if the pundits are right, this may not be a good night for the Republicans.