Sunday, November 12, 2006

Montana Weekend

I had a real good first week of work in Wyoming this last week. There were a few staff issues that seemed petty but necessary to give attention to. I have so many meetings, more than anyplace I have ever worked. In fact, I never had to go home or buy a lunch last week since there were lunch meetings everyday with a meal provided. At least my food bill will be better. On Friday afternoon, Lacey and I packed up the truck and headed north to Montana to spend the weekend with Page and Sean. I found Page not feeling well and she spent the whole weekend in bed or on the couch, poor thing. I was able to get the fence up for the dogs and fix the latch on the gate before the snow hit on Saturday afternoon, so at least that is done and the dogs can be let outside without supervision. Sean and I went to church today and it was good to be back in the Livingston Ward. It feels like home. My records are in Wyoming however, so should be interesting how they can put me to work this year. On Wednesday I went with my Bishop in Wyoming to the Stake Priesthood meeting in Cody. I met a few people, but it will be hard to really get involved in the Ward there with Page up in Montana. Friday night, as soon as we got here Sean was off to a Stake Dance and Lacey was off and running all day Saturday. But Sean and I had fun watching the USC game late Saturday night together. Page made some Taco soup to fill us up today before Lacey and I head back down to Wyoming.

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