Saturday, November 25, 2006

My friend Karie

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Here is my great friend, Karie Ludwig. She fed us a delicious meal when we arrived in Utah on Tuesday. She even made me scones.... which were so delicious. YUMBO. Karie and I have known each other since I was a little kid in California. She lived 4 houses down from me. We were in the famous Lakewood Lancer's Marching Band together, she taught me how to dance all cool during the disco craze, she got me interested in singing and trying out for the school musicals after her stunning performance in the Sound of Music..... I got to come to Utah for her wedding to Karl and have seen her family grow. She is now a grandma too! wow. She has two married children already and a son that just went on a mission. A long way since our Lakewood days.... She may never know how special it was to our family when she named one of her girls, Konnie, after my sister died too. Looking back, it's so nice to stay in contact and be a part of somebody's life that you have known for almost all your life. I was thinking about it this weekend, and she is the only childhood friend that I am still close to, knowing who her children are, what is going on in her life, and also when we do get to see each other, things are still good and fun between us. Love ya Karie! and all the other K's in the Ludwig family....


Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey, I love you too! You will never know how much you, Pagey and the kidletts mean to us! Go Cougars....and Trojans too! I love you guys, Karie

Kira Joy said...

Dang my mom is hot. Yow-zaz! Clearly this is the foundation of my good looks.