Thursday, August 24, 2006

Page's Parents have arrived

Page's parents are with us. They got here yesterday. They flew from California to Houston and got stuck in some nasty weather so they diverted them to San Antonio to refill the gas tank on the plane, since they had to circle Houston forever. They were supposed to get here around 4:30 pm and didnt get here until 9 pm. What a long day for them. They are spending a couple days with us, then taking a huge road trip. Going to Nashville on Friday and attending the temple there, then on to Kirkland, Ohio to see church sites there. Then heading back they will stop in Nauvoo, Adam-ondi-omen, Far West, Liberty Jail, Independence, etc. Then they will come back for a few more days and watch Sean play a tennis match before heading back to California. Sounds like a long hard driving trip to me, but I think seeing all the church historic sites would be a blast.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Working Man

Sean got a job at a local steak house and had his first day of training today after school. He came home a little tired, but I think he is going to do very well. He brings out the food to the tables. When he applied for the job several weeks ago the owner said he would have to work Sundays. Sean said he went to church on Sunday and couldn't work. The guy said he couldn't make an exception and that everyone wants Sundays off, but he would try to minimize it. He offered Sean a job but told him to go home and talk it over with Mom and Dad. As we discussed it, Sean decided to tell the guy he would love to work there, but he could not compromise on Sunday. It was a religious belief that he keep the Sabbath Day holy. Sean called the owner and talked to him about it. The guy said he would have to think about it. Well it's been several weeks and last Friday the guy calls and leaves a message on our machine that he wanted Sean to come work for him and he would give him Sunday's off. On Saturday, the owner called the house and Page talked to him. He said he was impressed that Sean would stand by his principles. He said Sean wanted Sundays off for the right reason, so he gave in and will not work Sean on a Sunday. Page thanked him. He then said he would have Sean come in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to train this week. Then out of the blue the owner says. "Doesn't Sean go to church on Wednesday nights too?". Page told him yes, but that since he is getting Sundays off, we will not make it an issue. The owner said that it was ok. He would give Sean Wednesday nights off too. So he goes in on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. WOW. I think this was a good learning experience for Sean and a great spiritual experience.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mallory gets Married

One of my young women (when I was Bishop in Bossier) got married in the temple on Friday and had her reception in the Shreveport Stake Center on Saturday night.  Here is a picture of Mallory and Jeremy.  They look real good together.
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So far out of all my youth, 4 are married, one is engaged, 6 have served or are serving missions.  I'm so proud of all of them.
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Lacey and Mallory

YouCaught the Tater

Went to Louisiana on Saturday for a wedding.  Stopped by Haughton.
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Here is a picture of our old house.  Looks the same.  What a great house.
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on Hwy 80 on the way to the High School, this was on a little coffee shop.  Big Tater. I was laughing so hard, made Lacey take the picture.  We caught him, we caught the Tater!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hezbollah the Great?

I can't believe the news today. The press is praising Hezbollah or at least is in awe how after only a day, they are clearing roads in southern Lebanon and giving people $10,000 each to rebuild their lives. What humanitarians! Interesting how the press can report on the good that Hezbollah has done in Lebanon. When is the last time you have heard the American press report on something good the USA has done in Iraq? Hard to come up with something isnt it! What is wrong with this picture? Im sure we have repaired some roads, have pumped in some money into the economy, built schools, built water treatment plants, repaired hospitals, etc.... but how would we know? But we are finding out what all the good Hezbollah is doing aren't we? I can't help but think that if it was the Democrats that were in power while we were fighting this war, the press would be a lot different. Am I jaded?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day of School

Sean's first day of school was yesterday.  He is a Senior now.  He really didn't want us to take his picture, but hey, our baby is now a Senior, so we made him pose.  He has on a BYU shirt and a USC lanyard. 
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Last Hurrah

This was the last week of Summer vacation for Sean.  He starts  his Senior Year on Monday. He was very excited to spend a few days with the Anderson boys.  The Andersons live in Mississippi now, but the twins were his best friends when we lived in Louisiana and they are still good friends today.  The boys came to Louisiana to visit, and made a stop to East Texas.  Look how the boys have grown!
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Brett, Sean, Trevor and Kyle

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Widow's Dinner

The Priests in our Ward planned and hosted a dinner for the widows in our Ward.  They sent out invitations, called to remind the ladies, set up the cultural hall with tables, and cooked lasagna.  The women LOVED it!  These Preists are really a good group of Young Men.  All the ladies at Sean's table kept going on and on to Page how nice and handsome Sean looks in his suit.  Sean wore a purple shirt that his Grandma Sherry gave him for Christmas, and he was a knock out.
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Ok, could Sean have a career in modeling?
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Thumbs Up, Sean is ready for the dinner
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After he takes this very important call.  I'm sure from one of the ladies he is going to host at his table that night.