Monday, August 21, 2006

Working Man

Sean got a job at a local steak house and had his first day of training today after school. He came home a little tired, but I think he is going to do very well. He brings out the food to the tables. When he applied for the job several weeks ago the owner said he would have to work Sundays. Sean said he went to church on Sunday and couldn't work. The guy said he couldn't make an exception and that everyone wants Sundays off, but he would try to minimize it. He offered Sean a job but told him to go home and talk it over with Mom and Dad. As we discussed it, Sean decided to tell the guy he would love to work there, but he could not compromise on Sunday. It was a religious belief that he keep the Sabbath Day holy. Sean called the owner and talked to him about it. The guy said he would have to think about it. Well it's been several weeks and last Friday the guy calls and leaves a message on our machine that he wanted Sean to come work for him and he would give him Sunday's off. On Saturday, the owner called the house and Page talked to him. He said he was impressed that Sean would stand by his principles. He said Sean wanted Sundays off for the right reason, so he gave in and will not work Sean on a Sunday. Page thanked him. He then said he would have Sean come in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to train this week. Then out of the blue the owner says. "Doesn't Sean go to church on Wednesday nights too?". Page told him yes, but that since he is getting Sundays off, we will not make it an issue. The owner said that it was ok. He would give Sean Wednesday nights off too. So he goes in on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. WOW. I think this was a good learning experience for Sean and a great spiritual experience.

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