Thursday, August 24, 2006

Page's Parents have arrived

Page's parents are with us. They got here yesterday. They flew from California to Houston and got stuck in some nasty weather so they diverted them to San Antonio to refill the gas tank on the plane, since they had to circle Houston forever. They were supposed to get here around 4:30 pm and didnt get here until 9 pm. What a long day for them. They are spending a couple days with us, then taking a huge road trip. Going to Nashville on Friday and attending the temple there, then on to Kirkland, Ohio to see church sites there. Then heading back they will stop in Nauvoo, Adam-ondi-omen, Far West, Liberty Jail, Independence, etc. Then they will come back for a few more days and watch Sean play a tennis match before heading back to California. Sounds like a long hard driving trip to me, but I think seeing all the church historic sites would be a blast.

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Jamie said...

That sounds WILD! What a long trip! Have fun with them...I love Grampa Art (I used to have a Great-Grampa Art, and my grandfather is a jr. but he goes by William/Bill). And about this nice quiet hurrucane season (so far)? Conrats on that!