Friday, September 01, 2006

Fundamentalist Mormons?

Since the capture of Warren Jeffs, the prophet/leader of the Foundamentalist LDS faith, they keep talking about fundamentalist mormons on the news. What? It really bugs me they are using the name Fundamentalist Mormons. It makes the LDS church seem like it has some part in the kooky group. I hope those poor women in Colorado City can get some help.

You know what else bugs me? I'm not condoning polygamy. The LDS church has stopped that practice for awhile. BUT, interesting how the world is disgusted with these polygamists. OK, maybe they have a right to be, BUT (again) I wonder how many of these condemers have extra-marital affairs, or have fathered children with multiple women out of wedlock, or women have children by different men. So many people think having multiple sex partners is just fine.... I guess, ... as long as you don't marry all of them, at least at the same time. Is that perfectly ok? Now attack that lifestyle and see how people react.

I learned something the other day. I was talking to a Shia Muslim from the middle east the other day and he said they still practice polygamy. I didn't know that. Interesting. Anyway, this is just a rant since I keep hearing "Fundamentalist Mormons" all the time now, and I don't like it. I don't want anyone thinking that this group in Colorado City, AZ is affiliated anyway with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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Jamie said...

Ditto. I think the church has a statement about that up on I also have the same questions about people in general being so disgusted with polygamy (which is weird and stuff, but...) when homosexuality, promiscuity, fatherlessness, etc...are treated as facts of life or even revered. I mean, as freaky as it is, you gotta give props to a guy who can truly support more than one wife and family. Then again, maybe that's the whole problem: There aren't any guys who truly can...

I miss you guys a lot lately...hope all is well! Give Page a GIANT hug for me!