Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sean Speaks

Sean did an awesome job speaking in Sacrament Meeting this morning. The Bishop is implementing the "7 Simple Things" that the Bozeman Stake introduced to the members there over a year ago. Sean was telling him about the 7 simple things on the way to a Temple Trip and the Bishop was impressed how Sean knew them off the top of his head. The Bishop also thought it was an answer to prayer since he was concerned about many families in our Ward here in Texas. The Bishop introduced the 7 simple things to the Ward Council last month, and many of them started it with their families. Today the whole sacrament meeting was on the "7 Simple Habits" (Bishop changed the title a little). Sean was really funny. He told everyone that his parents told him not to air any "family dirty laundry" so he said he wasn't going to talk about our family but another family called the "Fillmores" Everyone started laughing, and we were called the Fillmores the rest of the day at Church. Sean spoke for 20 minutes. Sean was very confident and delivered his message very well. He got a lot of compliments. Somebody told Page that she told her daughter to dump her current non-member boyfriend and go for Sean. Sean always impresses all the Mothers. It was nice that Page's parents were here this weekend to hear Sean speak. They will be here until Wednesday then go back home to California.

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Jamie said...

I love Sean! I'll bet that was a great talk! Page, I was totally thinking about all the things you told me about having a son this week. I am so grateful my boy is here and I hope he'll grow up to be like Sean. Of course that will only happen if I grow up to be like Page, at least in those great mom ways!!! I will always appreciate your example of parenthood...I am convinced that might be THE reason you came to Livingston.

And speaking of Livingston, you are SO BUSTED for being a few hours away and not visiting us! ;) We can't wait to see yall again! You will be pleased to know that I broke out the darling dalmation balnket you made for Heidi...James is going to snuggle up in it this winter!!!