Sunday, September 10, 2006

Andy Shows Brilliance

OK- Federer beat Roddick at the US Open today, but I don't really care for Federer, so don't have much to say about him except it is a great feat to win 3 straight US Opens and 3 Straight Wimbledons. Ok enuf of that! Andy is back in the hunt. I'm so glad to see that. First set he looked like he was going to go down in flames big time. Somehow he settled down and start getting some mojo at the end of the first set and WON the second set. Third set was tight too, and he had his chance to break Federer's serve and take command of the set, but unfortunately Federer also started putting on the burners and took back the 3rd set, then coasted throught the 4th set to win. I hope Roddick can continue to improve his game so we can see more of him in finals. Hate to say it but Federer is just a cut above any other player out there right now.

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