Sunday, January 24, 2010

Billy Dean Concert

Page and I went to the Billy Dean concert last night in Cody. It was really good and we had a great time listening to his music.

We had pretty good seats in the Cody Theater. I tried to take a shot with my cell phone. I should have brought my camera. He sang all his old hits and added a few new ones. He told us he had taken a few years off from doing shows to raise his kids which got a huge round of applause.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Winter Day in Wyoming

I took a little drive outside of town today and took a few photos. Lots of horses in these parts.

I ran across this herd of sheep. They were on the move looking for food.

I really liked this tree when I came upon it. It still is trying to hang on to its golden leaves in the middle of winter and it matched the golden fields in the background

I loved seeing this old wagon just sitting on the side of the road

I went down to the Shoshone River and spooked a flock of mud hens. Didn't mean to do that, just wanted to take their picture

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Centennial Celebration

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Buffalo Bill Dam, west of Cody

About an hour after I took this photo, there would be hundreds of people lining up on top of the dam to be photographed for the centennial photos. I would be one of the faces in the crowd

At the time of completion in 1910, this dam was the tallest dam in the United States

This is looking east down stream from the dam as the Shoshone River works its way down into the Big Horn Basin. This dam has provided the Basin with water to sustain life in this part of Wyoming

Former US Senator, Alan Simpson, was the speaker at the event.
I was excited to be here today and to be a part of history. I doubt I will be here for the 200th anniversary....

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Year

Page and Mike out front with our new holiday yard decoration

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas


We wish you Happy New Year 2010

A New Year and A New Decade !!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

More Christmas Fun

after dinner in Cody, we all came back to the house to open presents

Ebin got some Bakugan

and he flipped over this robotic bug

Rhiannon fell in love with her new doll

and couldn't wait to put on her princess jacket

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

We continued our Christmas Eve tradition this year, going to the Rib & Chop House in Cody

This year we got to bring along the future new members of our family, Chris, Ebin and Rhiannon

Enjoying our Christmas Eve Dinner

(Ebin looks really excited!)

Rhiannon too!

Chris, Lacey and Page