Saturday, April 29, 2006

Youth Temple Trip to Houston

We were in Houston today to take the youth to the temple. 
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We had a pretty good group of kids that went. We are actually in the Dallas Temple District but got permission to go to Houston since it is about 1 1/2 hours closer to us than the Dallas Temple. It took us 2 hours to get to Houston, its take 3 1/2 to Dallas.  It was my first time inside the Houston Temple. I was only in the baptistry, but it is a beautiful building.
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Friday, April 28, 2006


Lacey, Sean and I went to the Angelina Benefit Rodeo tonight.  I got 4 tickets from work. Page didn't want to go so Sean invited  his friend Todd to come with us.  The Rodeo was a lot different than the ones we went to in Montana.  This one was indoors, they had lazers and a large replay screen. 
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Bull Riding was one of my favorites.
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Also the Bucking Horses
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Here they begin with the American and Texas flags.

Happy 22nd Anniversary

Page and I were married 22 years ago on April 28, 1984 in the Los Angeles Temple. The night before we were up all night decorating the cultural hall. I only got about 2 hours sleep then I went to go pick Page up and we drove to the temple together.... so much about not seeing the bride before the wedding. The day was so long, but was really nice. Page's Mom worked really hard on the reception. We had a ton of people there since we both grew up in the Long Beach East Stake. We spent our first night together at the BonAventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and the next day drove up the coast to Carmel/Monterey and stayed at a bed and breakfast inn near the coast in Pacific Grove- the Gosby House. We spent a week up along the central coast of California. It was wonderful. Our first home was in Huntington Beach, CA. We have lived a lot of places since then, but I love her more than ever and am thankful for our life together. Happy Anniversary Page!
Today we celebrated by going out to dinner to a Texas Steak House. It was really good. Then we came home and I took the kids to a Rodeo... Page wanted to stay home for some peace and relaxation. So there is how we spent this exciting day.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Drive Thru East Texas

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I was out visiting a couple of my clinics today and had to stop and take a picture of this Cypress Tree in the Neches River.  I really like water and love to be around it or live by it. 
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Hey, I was in Livingston today!  Not Montana, but Texas.  By the sounds of things, Livingston Texas was a little warmer today than Montana. 85 degrees and sunshine in TX... snow in MT.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Garland Fairchild

Brother Fairchild passed away on Sunday night and the funeral was today.  I took Todd, Jared and Sean to the funeral home last night during the viewing and then attended the funeral this afternoon.  Jared and Sean had state testing at school, but made it through and finished before getting checked out of school to go to the funeral.  Todd gave the opening prayer and Sean gave the closing.  These three boys are very muched loved by the Fairchild family.  Old ladies were all coming up to them giving them big hugs and kisses all day.  The men were all coming up to me to tell me what a great son I have and how much they appreciate what these boys have done.  Most are not members of the Church. In fact after the funeral they invited us to the Methodist Church in Diboll for some supper.  Once there, these boys were given the royal treatment.  I think that the Methodist and Baptist ladies love them more than the Mormon ones do!  I told them that if they lived in Diboll they would be celebrities.  The whole little town loves them.   Seriously, I am so proud of these young men, and especially my son.  The service and love they gave was truly a blessing in this family's life, and in turn, was a blessing in these young men's lives.  Nobody had to make these boys go visit every week.  They just did it quietly and on their own every week since last September.  I'm sure most of the Ward didn't even know the service these boys were providing.  Brother Fairchild's son was in tears when he was talking to me about the boys. The ladies didn't want to let them go,  hugging and kissing on them.  Sean told me that the boys have decided to keep going to Sister Fairchild's house every Sunday to visit after Church, even though she is not a member of our Church.  They just want to keep that contact with her.  Ok- if that doesn't make a Father proud, I don't know what does!  Brother Fairchild's son through his tears told me today, "these boys are going to grow up to be fine men".  I replied that Sean was a good boy and I'm proud of him.  I also told him that Sean and the boys got as much out of this experience as his Dad did.  The son said, "Actions speak louder than words" and the boys surely have proven that.
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Todd, Jared and Sean-  Three Priests that honor their Priesthood.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

25 years since "The Kiss"

25 years ago today I kissed Page for the first time. We were at Disneyland on an old ride that pretended to shrink you to the size of a molecule (where Star Tours is now), I think it was called the Monsanto. It was a slow and dark ride, known as a "make out" ride. I remember I was so nervous, but I wanted to kiss her so bad. While on the ride, I got up enough nerve to lean over and kiss her. I know it was the most horrible kiss in the world, but for me I was in heaven. I kept kissing her through the ride. I guess we became a pair at that point. I had only kissed two other girls in my life, only one time each, and not as passionately as I kissed Page on that ride, so I didn't have a lot of experience. Page was everything I wanted in a woman. She was beautiful, confident, strong in the gospel, and fun. I guess she liked the kiss enough to hang around. We dated for 6 months until I was leaving for my mission to Spain.
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Here is a picture of Page and me in Provo as I went to the Missionary Training Center preparing to go to Spain. I didn't ask her to wait for me because I was so afraid of a "Dear John" letter. But she wrote me every week and was waiting for me when I got back. A year after I got home we were married in the Los Angeles Temple and life has been an amazing experience with Page in it. We have two great children and I can't imagine my life without her.

I liked her way before that wonderful day at Disneyland and I was a little shy and timid, but something happened to me 25 years ago today when we were on that dark slow ride, just me and her. Something told me to "go for it" and I'm glad I did. April 18 is one of those red letter days. Who could have guessed that 3 years and 10 days later we would be married. I love you Page.

p.s. Don't we look great in that picture? Ahhhh to be young again. Can you beliveve we were the same age in that picture as Lacey is today?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all from the Gilmores.  Today we went to Church in the morning and then Page starting preparing the Easter feast.  We had BBQed Steak, baked sweet potatoes, rice-a-roni salad, fruit salad and for dessert strawberry shortcake.
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A dozen eggs were colored ready for the Easter Bunny.
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And the Easter Bunny dropped off a couple of baskets for Lacey and Sean.
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Sean had a lot of success finding the eggs.
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Sean found 11 out of the 12 eggs (counting the one our dog Molly helped him find).
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Lacey got into the game a little late, but after giving both of them a hint where the last egg was hidden- she was a little closer to the grill and got it before Sean did.  Today we also are watching "Jesus of Nazareth", an annual tradition.

He is Risen

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He is Risen! He is Risen! Tell it out with joyful voice.  He has burst his three days' prison; Let the whole wide earth rejoice.  Death is conquered, man is free. Christ has won the victory.

That Easter morn, a grave that burst Proclaimed to man that "Last and First" Had ris'n again And conqured pain.  This morn renews for us that day When Jesus cast the bonds away, Took living breath And conquered death.  Thus we in gratitude recall And give our love and pledge our all, Shed grateful tear And conquer fear.



Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Weekend B-B-Q

The Huntsman's invited a bunch of people from Church to a BBQ/Egghunt.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Nice and warm, light breeze and lots of trees to stay in the shade.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs.  Page made a Speghetti Salad.  It was so fun to watch the little kids all hunt the eggs.  Our big kids (Lacey & Sean) took off early to go to a carnival that is in town.
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Page looks so festive in her Mexican dress
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Hey Lacey get your finger out of Sean's face!
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Lacey is wishing the Easter Bunny will come visit tonight!
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I love all the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.  We are in the South!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Working Girl

Lacey got a job and starts Friday. She is a Chick-Fil-A girl! Good thing about that company is that they are closed on Sundays.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Andy Roddick

Sean and I went to Houston last night to watch Andy Roddick in the first round of the US Men's Clay Court Championships.  Also James Blake played after Andy.  It was a lot of fun.  Roddick is my favority player, so it was a treat to actually watch him in person.  He killed Capdeville (from Chile).  James Blake lost.  We saw James' brother, Thomas, in the stands.   It's been a dream of mine to see Roddick, so what a fantastic night for me.  And I got to share it with my ultimate favorite tennis player, Sean. 
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Andy was awesome.  Thanks to generous birthday gifts from my mom, brother and in-laws, i got a treat to go see an ATP tournament.  After the match,  we had to endure a presentation by Vince Young, the famous Texas Longhorn QB that beat USC for the National Championship in the Rose Bowl this year.  Ugh, don't get me started.....  the inhumanity of it all!  At least Andy won.  We got home at 1 a.m. and I was so tired.  Going to Houston on a work/school night probably isn't a good idea.  Andy is playing again tonight and I have the strongest urge to go again.  You know me,  never satisfied, always wanting more. 
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Monday, April 10, 2006

District Tournament

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Sean participated in the JV District Tournament today in The Woodlands. All the schools in the district were represented. Sean first had a bye, then went on to play a guy from College Park. He won. Then he played a guy from Huntsville. He lost the first set, won the second and then went on win the tie-breaker. The guy he played was a hoot to watch because he would get upset if he missed a point. Then Sean went onto the semi-finals. The only player from his high school to get that far in the tournament. He played a guy from Klein Collins that he had beat in the past. Well, he won the first set, but lost the second and went into a tie-breaker. He was leading the tie-breaker, but at the end could not hold onto the lead and lost the semi-final. He wasn't too happy about it because he felt he could have won that match and go into the finals. But instead he played for third place. He easily won another guy from Klein Collins who also lost his semi-finals game. And so he won 3rd in the tournament, which is really great. There were a lot of schools and players participating, so third is very respectable and we are very proud of Sean. Here is a picture of him with his bronze medal. His semi-final match was really the championship game to me, because the guy that beat him was destined to win the tournament. Page, Lacey and I went to the tournament to cheer him on.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6th: A Special Day

Today is much bigger than my birthday. It is the day that the restored gospel was officially organized as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1830. It has also been revealed, through modern day revelation, as the birthday of the Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes this day very special.
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My Twin's Birthday Today

Well today is my twin brother, Pat's birthday.  He is way out in Califorrnia so I wasn't able to hang out with him, so I did the next best thing and tried to celebrate his birthday here in Texas.  First,  one of my clinics was nice enough to celebrate his birthday by throwing a surprise party - of course, I had to step in for him since he couldn't make it.  Page and Lacey were hiding in the clinic too for the surprise.  We had fun celebrating his birthday with a lunch in the office.
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When I got home after work,  Page made tacos.  Pat, they were good, sorry you couldn't make it to your birthday dinner, but I stepped in for ya!  The tacos were delicious.
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Sean wanted me to take a picture of him pouring his drink in a glass and I was happy to oblige.  Lacey chopped up the tomatoes for the tacos.  She didn't know she was supposed to take the stickers off the produce before she cut it up and served it.

I got phone calls from Karie, my good friend that I've known since I was a kid who now lives in Utah.  I also got a call from my Mom and my twin brother, Pat.  He wanted to make sure I remembered it was his birthday.  I did!  In fact I have been celebrating it for him all day!  Happy Birthday, Patrick.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Modern Day Stripling Warriors

I am so impressed with my son and his friends at Church. I was thinking about them today and had to write down my feelings. After Sean moved in, there were finally two Priests in the Ward, so the Bishop had them start going over to member's house to give him the Sacrament every Sunday after Church. The boys did it faithfully. Then a third Priest was added to the Quorum and all three would go every Sunday. This member has not attended Church for years and is frail and elderly in his 90's. His wife is not a member, nor any of his family. They opened up their home every Sunday afternoon to these boys. For the past few weeks this elderly member has been in the hospital after he had a stroke. The boys went over to the house one Sunday and the wife told them he was in the hospital, so they visited with her for awhile then drove back into town to the hospital to see the old man. This past Saturday I got a phone call from one of the son-in-laws saying the doctors felt he would pass away soon and they were making arrangements. The old man hasn't eaten anything in over a week. The son-in-law was asking me about a "robe" that he needed for the member's burial. I told him they were temple clothes and I would talk to the Bishop about getting him some. I told the gentleman how sorry I was and that my son was one of the boys that goes to the house every Sunday. He said the family has really appreciated all the boys have done. I told Sean about my call. At the Saturday night Priesthood Session, Sean told the others about the condition of the member in the hospital. They were all concerned.

On Sunday morning, Sean asked to take the car between the two sessions to pick up Jared and Todd because they wanted to go see this member in the hospital. I was awestruck, that they would want to do that on conference sunday and gave him our permission to take the car. It was general conference.... no sacrament today.... these boys didn't have to or were expected to visit this Sunday, but on their own, they wanted to go see this elderly member who they have grown to love over the past 7 months. As the last speaker concluded in the Sunday mornining session, Sean asked if he could leave before the closing song and prayer to drive up to the church to get Todd (who was watching conference in the ward building) and then out to Jared's house (who lives outside of town)to pick him up. He had also gotten into his church clothes to make the visit (as we were all sitting in the livingroom in our PJs). So off he went.

He got back just in time for the last session of conference. He said they had a nice visit but that the old man was having a hard time talking, but they were able to visit for awhile. They also went to visit the non-member wife who lives in the next town down the highway from where we live- over 10 miles away. The doctors don't think he has much time left and that might have been their last visit with him.

In the scheme of things, the world probably doesn't care that there are three young men who care about this old 90-something year old man in East Texas. But to that old man and his family, they sure mean a lot. What makes three 16-17 year old boys feel the need to visit this man week in and week out, rain or shine, to visit with him, to bless and pass the sacrament to him? These boys honor their priesthood! They have the light of Christ within them! I am so proud of Sean and his desire to do good works.

Today when I was in the car thinking about them and thier loving acts, the thought came into my mind: "these are modern day Stripling Warriors". My son is a Stripling Warrior....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

General Conference

This was conference weekend.  As always it was wonderful to hear from the general authorities of the Church and hear from our beloved Prophet. 
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the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang one of my favorite songs at the Saturday morning session "Consider the Lillies".  It was wonderful and gave me goosebumps.  My lifelong dream is to sing in that choir.... maybe someday.
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Our Elder's Quorum barbequed hamburgers before the Priesthood Session and we had a good meal. The Priesthood session was my favorite.  President Hinckley's son gave his Dad and Mom and nice tribute.  The Prophet said there is too much hate in the world and admonished the members not to use racial slurs and to love all of Heavenly Father's children. 

A big theme of the entire weekend was to repent and get back on the right path.  We all can improve our lives and I am thankful for a living Prophet to lead and guide us.  My testimony has been strengthened this weekend.