Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Music Program

We went to our Grandson, Ebin's Christmas Concert, errrr, I mean Winter Music Program tonight. It was probably the best school holiday program I have ever been to, including my own children's concerts when they were young. Ebin is the good looking young man in the green shirt up front.

Ebin not only sang well, he also got to dance and do choreography! I was in the back of a dark auditorium, so I am happy I got shots as good as I did.

After the program. Here is Grandpa Dave and Grandma Cindy wtih Chris, Lacey, Ebin and Rhiannon. They came all the way up from Worland to be here tonight.

Grandma Page and Grandpa Mike with Ebin and Rhiannon

Still performing after the show!
Ebin, Chris, Lacey and Rhiannon
Merry Christmas everyone !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is on its way

We got our tree up and decorated

Rhiannon and Ebin- our grandkids (officially in 8 months)

Rhiannon, Lacey, Chris and Ebin- they are a happy family