Thursday, March 29, 2007

Iran's Best Friend?

Rosie has been making some interesting comments on "The View" lately. Today she states the British soldiers, who were taken hostage by the Iranians a few days ago, were in Iranian waters; that this is a plot by Bush and Blair to invade Iran. ummmmmm, yeah that makes sense. Britain denies this, but Rosie is eager to not believe our side but believe a regime that sponsors terrorism. To make things worse, she also said that it was Bush who blew up the World Trade Center on 911 so he could go to war with the terrorists. She actually said terrorists are nice people, mothers and father, blah, blah, blah, so we should not fear them. ya know what Rosie, you have really lost it. Nice to see you carrying water for the Iranians and Terrorists and calling Bush a murderer. What a country we live in!

And by the way, ABC- glad to see you sponsor these people on your main stream shows.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Was I just bragging about how much I love global warming? Well it was nice while it lasted. We got hit with a huge storm today and supposed to go into tomorrow. Possibly we can have a foot or more snow. They say the area hasn't had a storm like this in 2-3 years. Yep, good 'ol snow. It's been blowing all day. It's miserable today. But at least we have moisture. In this high desert town, that is very welcomed. But I was getting used to short sleeves and no jacket. It might be a slow day at work tomorrow if nobody can make it into town. Oh, I'm dreaming of a white April.......
update: day 2 (Thursday) of storm not so bad. Lots of snow on the ground and wind, but not much new stuff falling as of 11 a.m. Thursday. Now I have heard this is worse storm since 1995, and somebody said since 1955. Central WY got more snow with 40 inches in the Wind River Canyon. But here in the Basin, only about 5 inches.
update 2 (Friday)- still snowing. More snow that this basin has seen in a long long time. All interstates and main highways have been closed in Wyoming. Nobody can move. One of the few roads, the road from Powell to Montana is still open, but a few people have said they are surprised it is still open because it is white out conditions, trucks are jack knifing, and one person yesterday came down that road and what normally takes about 45 minutes took him 3 hours. Lacey wants to go to Montana this weekend, but I have a feeling we are homebound.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sean Conquers Hardin

Sean challenged the #1 singles player at his school a few weeks ago and beat him, so now Sean is the #1 singles player for his team. How cool is that?!? So now the team goes to it's first meet in Hardin today. Last time Sean played Hardin he got beat, the whole team got beat. This year it was a different story. Sean played their #1 player and beat him 8-2. He totally dominated the guy. The PHS Mens Varsity Team beat Hardin 4-3. CONGRATS RANGERS!!! After all the matches were played the coaches wanted to match up some other players to give them additional practice. At first Hardin didn't want to put anybody up against Sean. They finally did and Sean beat that guy too! So Sean beat their top two players. Later in the day, one of Sean's coaches called him "the team's weapon". Sean owns Hardin !!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Was that an Angel I heard tonight?

Livingston Ward kicked off its week of Firesides to talk about the life of the Savior. Tonight Lacey started off the fireside with "His Hands". What a sweet spirit she brought into the meeting. Everyone was silent. What a proud papa I am. It is so rewarding to see your children grow and develop and use their talents. Now Lacey and I are packing up and heading back down the road for the week. Weekends come and go so fast.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wheat Montana

Page and I found ourselves in Bozeman today to get some errands done. We stopped at Wheat Montana and split a roast beef sandwich. Boy was that good! I also had a blueberry and cream croissant. Wheat Montana makes the best white bread for toast too! Best I've ever had. They have some unbelievable danish, croissont, muffins, etc. stuffed with strawberry cream or blueberry cream. Whenever I had to go to Helena for business I would stop off at their original farm and store in Three Forks for a danish. What a treat!

Earlier today Page and I went up to church to practice a song for an Easter fireside on Sunday. However, we couldn't find an accompanist to play the song they wanted us to sing "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked". So we ended up talking Lacey into taking our place and sing "His Hands". She wasn't too happy, but she agreed. When she sings that song I get all gooey in the eyes.

Sean went with the Priest Quorum to try out their snow shoes they have been making at Mutual. They went up to the Crazy Mountains to find some snow. Everything down below has melted with this 70 degree weather. I just love global warming!

Friday, March 23, 2007

USC goes down

North Carolina beat USC tonight in the NCAA tournament. We lost 74-64. I was at a Livingston Ward party (which was a blast, by the way) and came home with USC leading UNC by about 16 points early in the 2nd half. Could this be true? I have to admit, my hopes were soaring and I was dreaming of a huge upset and a wonderful Cinderella story. Taj Gibson had a great game but was taken out after his 4th foul. That's when things began to turn. And boy did they turn ugly. UNC went on a huge scoring run and we couldn't produce anything. They really put the clamp on us. Within minutes we lost that huge lead and fell behind. We never got back in it and lost by 10. But I'm not too dissapointed. We had a great run and a great season. Nobody expected us to even make the tournament.. we were predicted to come in 8th place in the Pac-10 this year... and we made it to the Sweet 16!!! How sweet is that? We exceeded everyone's expectations (except for maybe the players themselves). Is it possible USC has a basketball program now? The #1 recruit, Mayo, comes next year and will add some more power to our lineup. Things are looking up for the Trojans. FIGHT ON, Men of Troy. You did us all proud this year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gore a Prophet?

Democrats called Gore a Prophet today while he was on Capitol Hill warning the country about global warming. The Republicans were not as enamoured with the guy and claimed his facts were wrong. So he reponds:

"The planet has a fever," Gore said. "If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don't say, `Well, I read a science fiction novel that told me it's not a problem.' If the crib's on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action."

So I guess he is saying that the Republican's scientists are all like science fiction novel writers and the scientists he has backing his claims are the real scientists. What a crock of nonesense! If you ask me, he is riding this pony to the white house. Watch.... he will announce his intentions to run for President... soon... so he can save the world.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet 16

We beat Texas 87-68. What a blow out! This USC team is something special. Only the 2nd time to get to the Sweet 16 since 1979. 25 season wins.... a new USC record. We play North Carolina on Friday. That will be a real tough game.
But how sweet it is to beat Texas. FIGHT ON, TROJANS !!!!

Bevo, It's whats for dinner! Texas went down hard today. They had Durant and it still didn't matter. The Trojan Basketball did what the Trojan Football couldn't do in the Rose Bowl. They beat Texas!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Darlin' Irish Girl

Just finished watching Darby O'Gill. If you want to see the happy ending just watch....

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Did you wear your green today? Well we had our corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, potatoes and carrots and a green bean casserole. At dinner tonight, Lacey was saying everyone claims to be part Irish today. Then I said, "well, there are at least three people in this room with Irish blood".... then we all looked at Mom. She said, "so, I don't care!" we all got a chuckle. She is a true blue English lassie.

I'm off to watch Darby O'Gill while enjoying a new dessert .... leprechaun pie. You got to see this movie if you love Sean Connery. He is so young in this movie and he sings! Then I'll be off to sleep, dreaming about a pot of gold. I hope everyone felt a wee bit Irish today.


My favorite Spaniard, Rafael Nadal, is up against my favorite American, Roddick. So far Nadal is playing better and getting Roddick pretty rattled. Andy has more aces, but Nadal is having a better day at serving. Looks like the luck of the Irish is smiling on Spain today.
Andy Roddick is playing Rafael Nadal in the semi finals of the Pacific Life Open today in California. These are my two favorite players and I don't see them play against each other very much. They are in the second set and Nadal broke Roddick in the first and just broke him in the second so my guess is Nadal will advance to the championship game. I have to admit, I want Andy to win. Is Roddick Irish? He needs some help today.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Saint Patrick

Its been a long time since St. Patrick has been around. Since 493 to be exact, but here we are ready to celebrate a day in his honor. He Christianized the pagan land of Ireland without any bloodshed. What a missionary! To Page's great admiration, he is also credited with driving all the snakes out of Ireland. Surely a myth, but the idea of a country without any snakes would make Page want to move there since she HATES snakes. However she is a nice English girl and probably wouldn't want to live there, but she did give this Irish boy a chance. I will be forever grateful.

My twin brother is named Patrick, and I always thought it was cool he had a holiday with his name in it... and had a name of an Irish saint. But then again, Michael is a pretty important person in the history of man, pre-mortal and mortal.... so I can't complain.

We will totally Amercanize the holiday tomorrow with corned beef and cabbage. And maybe a couple loaves of homemade soda bread. I can't wait.

USC beats Arkansas

USC advances for the first time since 2002. They got their 24th win of the season tonight in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. 24 wins ties for the most wins USC has ever had in a season. If we can beat Texas on Sunday we will have a new win record. USC looked really dominate all night. We will have a tough game against Texas. But I have to say, it was really nice to hear the band play Conquest at the end of the game. FIGHT ON, Trojans... beat the Longhorns!
Sadly, BYU was knocked out losing to Xavier by two points yesterday. They were leading most of the game, but couldnt hold on at the end.

My other alma mater fell short

Long Beach State got beat bad by Tennessee today in the NCAA Tournament. They lost 121-86. Ouch!

Trump worst hairpiece

I know, I know, it's his real hair. Maybe a hairpiece would make him look better! Trump is ranting on CNN today that Bush may be worst president in the history of country. How about Van Buren? He allowed the Mormons to be killed and run out of the country. Let's see... our economy is humming a long.... we haven't had a terrorist attack on our country since 2001.... what an awful President! I'm not saying he is the greatest, but the worst? Give me a break! Then Trump talks about Hussein- how at least he hated terrorists and killed them when they came into Iraq (making the point Iraq should have kept Hussein!). Yeah, he also hated Kurds and Shiites and killed them too! His own people! And his sons raped young girls at will! Trump is a puttz! Is anybody else getting sick of the Bush bashing? We are having an election in two years. That's the beauty of this country, you can vote for your leaders, keep the ones you have or get new ones. Trump needs to go back to bashing Rosie.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pac-10 Championship

USC made it to the Pac-10 Championship game today. Tied for 3rd in the conference, SC has had a great year. Better than normal. In fact on TV today they said, statistically, USC has not had an offense like this in 22 years and a defense in 47 years! We beat Washington State, the #2 seed last night and we looked great. Now we just had to beat Oregon to win the tournament title. We beat Oregon twice this year already so how hard could it be? Well, I guess pretty hard. Since we got blown away. We were outplayed the entire game. It was aweful. We looked tired. Our game ended close to midnight last night with WSU, so that may have been a factor, but wow, Oregon looked great. They just about hit every 3-pointer they tried. We couldn't hardly make a lay-up. Pretty dissapointing today, but what a great season the Trojans have had. They got their new arena on campus this year and they have the #1 recruit coming to USC next year. Looks like USC wants to have an impact on basketball like they do in football. FIGHT ON, TROJANS. Let's get ready for the Big Dance and put this game behind us. We will find out tomorrow where USC will be playing in the NCAA Tournament. BYU lost to UNLV today too in the Mnt.West Tourney. Bummer!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dems afraid of Fox News

Y'all know I watch Fox News, so obviously I am a supporter and consumer of Fox News. I think the article on the Drudge Report this morning is a riot. Edwards, Dem candidate for President has declined participating in the Democratic Presidential debate in Reno Nevada on Aug. 14 because Fox News is the moderator. The news agency is too conservative. It's not a legitamate news agency. Not legit? You got to be kidding. They are the number one cable news source for a reason. People are tired of the liberal news media forcing liberal ideas down our throat. These same people would think nothing of having a NBC, CBS or CNN moderate a republican candidate debate. And the Republicans don't act like cry babies and refuse to show up. The debate is sponsored by the democratic parties of Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and Colorado. They don't seem to have a problem with Fox , but Edwards does. And still no word from Clinton or Obama. Only Richardson has voiced support in attending so far. And liberals claim they are the ones that are "enlightened" and "open-minded"? Give me a break!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Margo at the Market

The other day, Page and I were walking into the market when Margo Kidder came right out the door with her groceries. Lois Lane! I wanted to say hi and tell her I thought she did great on the recent episode of Brothers and Sisters when she smoked pot with Sally Fields. You know, she only lives a couple blocks from us, so it wasn't like the first time I've seen her. I've even said a few words to her at work when she came in looking for service. I also ran into Peter Fonda in town before too. Lacey and Sean would see Dennis Quaid and Paul Mitchell when they worked at the Dairy Queen. A lot of celebrities around here. Just a couple months ago I was in the same resturant with Senator Alan Simpson in Wyoming. I have to admit that was more exciting than seeing any movie/tv star. I wanted to go up and talk to him, but Page talked me out of it. "Let the guy eat in peace!" I guess she was right, but I would have loved to shake his hand. Politicians love that kind of stuff don't they? And if you saw a previous blog post, I about went crazy when I got my picture with the Governor of Wyoming recently. What is it with celebrity that makes us all excited when we see them?

Wild Hogs

I've read some negative reviews about the movie, Wild Hogs, but I have to say. I saw this on the weekend with the kids and we laughed our heads off! In fact, the whole theater was laughing hysterically throughout the movie. It was a lot of fun. Makes you want to go on a road trip.... but I think I would prefer a convertable instead of a motorcycle. I don't think it would be fun to have bugs hitting your face on the road. And if you read my prior post, I would NOT wear leather pants. When I lived in Spain that was real popular and I thought leather pants on a guy was not cool.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Jamie challenged readers of her blog to complete this list... it's been awhile since I have posted, so let's give it a shot.

What I was doing 10 years ago:
In 1997 I was living in California working for HealthCare Partners, managing their clinic in Glendale. I was getting tired of all the freeway traffic and itching to move out of the big city. We had just moved into a house across the street from my Mom and Brother. That made life more interesting.....

5 years ago:
2002 found us in Louisiana. I was Bishop in the Shreveport Stake which kept me very busy. The healthcare job was challenging dealing with some corruption- at two different hospitals. The people in Lousiana were great. I loved the southern culture and Louisiana lifestyle. We were living in the first and only house we ever bought, which we loved.

1 year ago:
We were living in Lufkin, TX. Didn't have the charm of Shreveport and I was working for the biggest tyrant I had ever meet. It was a miserable time in my life. We started looking for ways to move back to Montana (we lived in Montana from 2003-2005).

Living as a bachelor in Wyoming this week. Page and Sean are living in Montana until Sean graduates from school in June. Lacey is on spring break and decided to stay with Page and Sean. I worked all day and had an Executive Committee meeting last night until 7:30 p.m. Then just went home and watched Fox News before bed.

5 snacks I enjoy:
ice cream
celery stuffed with peanut butter
wheat thins

5 songs I know all the words to:
Copa Cabana (I remember being so proud that I learned all the words to that song when I was a kid).
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (One of my first)
I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet (plus many other hymns)
100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (although rarely do I finish the song)
My Heart is Offered Still to You (S.L.S. forever!)

5 things I would do with $100 million:
Buy a house for Page
Buy all of us new cars that can drive in the snow
Take Page to Spain
Buy USC football season tickets on the 50 yard line
Invest for family's future

5 locations I would like to run away to:
Colorado River
Machu Pichu

5 bad habits I have:
eat too much
couch potato
eat garlic and then try to kiss Page
jump into bed without saying my prayers
drive over the speed limit

5 things I like to do:
hang out with family
spend money
road trips

5 things I would never wear:
leather pants
gold chains
a parachute ( would not skydive for $100 million!)
Notre Dame or UCLA clothing

5 TV shows I like:
Hannity & Colmes
Paula's Home Cooking
Miss Lucy's Cajun Cooking
Family Guy

5 biggest joys at the moment:
My family
My job
USC football (I'm enduring the off-season)
warmer weather
Lord's blessings

OK- I'm supposed to challenge 5 people to answer these same questions, but I don't think I have 5 people with blogs that read this blog. So if you randomly find this- feel free to participate.