Friday, March 23, 2007

USC goes down

North Carolina beat USC tonight in the NCAA tournament. We lost 74-64. I was at a Livingston Ward party (which was a blast, by the way) and came home with USC leading UNC by about 16 points early in the 2nd half. Could this be true? I have to admit, my hopes were soaring and I was dreaming of a huge upset and a wonderful Cinderella story. Taj Gibson had a great game but was taken out after his 4th foul. That's when things began to turn. And boy did they turn ugly. UNC went on a huge scoring run and we couldn't produce anything. They really put the clamp on us. Within minutes we lost that huge lead and fell behind. We never got back in it and lost by 10. But I'm not too dissapointed. We had a great run and a great season. Nobody expected us to even make the tournament.. we were predicted to come in 8th place in the Pac-10 this year... and we made it to the Sweet 16!!! How sweet is that? We exceeded everyone's expectations (except for maybe the players themselves). Is it possible USC has a basketball program now? The #1 recruit, Mayo, comes next year and will add some more power to our lineup. Things are looking up for the Trojans. FIGHT ON, Men of Troy. You did us all proud this year.


Jamie said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't check the final score wither--I was just logging on to congratulate you and your trojans for taking out my last team! Oh well!!! But hey, seriously, yay for USC--what a great show at the Big Dance. PS: sorry we missed you at Fear Factor, adn I HEART wheat MOntana, too--I just ground up thier hard white wheat and made the yummiest whole wheat bread in the breadmaker!

Jamie said...

I meant to say "EITHER" not wither...excuse all my typing dyslexia!