Friday, March 16, 2007

Saint Patrick

Its been a long time since St. Patrick has been around. Since 493 to be exact, but here we are ready to celebrate a day in his honor. He Christianized the pagan land of Ireland without any bloodshed. What a missionary! To Page's great admiration, he is also credited with driving all the snakes out of Ireland. Surely a myth, but the idea of a country without any snakes would make Page want to move there since she HATES snakes. However she is a nice English girl and probably wouldn't want to live there, but she did give this Irish boy a chance. I will be forever grateful.

My twin brother is named Patrick, and I always thought it was cool he had a holiday with his name in it... and had a name of an Irish saint. But then again, Michael is a pretty important person in the history of man, pre-mortal and mortal.... so I can't complain.

We will totally Amercanize the holiday tomorrow with corned beef and cabbage. And maybe a couple loaves of homemade soda bread. I can't wait.

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