Friday, March 16, 2007

Trump worst hairpiece

I know, I know, it's his real hair. Maybe a hairpiece would make him look better! Trump is ranting on CNN today that Bush may be worst president in the history of country. How about Van Buren? He allowed the Mormons to be killed and run out of the country. Let's see... our economy is humming a long.... we haven't had a terrorist attack on our country since 2001.... what an awful President! I'm not saying he is the greatest, but the worst? Give me a break! Then Trump talks about Hussein- how at least he hated terrorists and killed them when they came into Iraq (making the point Iraq should have kept Hussein!). Yeah, he also hated Kurds and Shiites and killed them too! His own people! And his sons raped young girls at will! Trump is a puttz! Is anybody else getting sick of the Bush bashing? We are having an election in two years. That's the beauty of this country, you can vote for your leaders, keep the ones you have or get new ones. Trump needs to go back to bashing Rosie.

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