Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Margo at the Market

The other day, Page and I were walking into the market when Margo Kidder came right out the door with her groceries. Lois Lane! I wanted to say hi and tell her I thought she did great on the recent episode of Brothers and Sisters when she smoked pot with Sally Fields. You know, she only lives a couple blocks from us, so it wasn't like the first time I've seen her. I've even said a few words to her at work when she came in looking for service. I also ran into Peter Fonda in town before too. Lacey and Sean would see Dennis Quaid and Paul Mitchell when they worked at the Dairy Queen. A lot of celebrities around here. Just a couple months ago I was in the same resturant with Senator Alan Simpson in Wyoming. I have to admit that was more exciting than seeing any movie/tv star. I wanted to go up and talk to him, but Page talked me out of it. "Let the guy eat in peace!" I guess she was right, but I would have loved to shake his hand. Politicians love that kind of stuff don't they? And if you saw a previous blog post, I about went crazy when I got my picture with the Governor of Wyoming recently. What is it with celebrity that makes us all excited when we see them?

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Kira Joy said...

Woah! That is awesome!
People always talk about running into celebrities, but I never do... I've never even seen Robert Redford. My only celebrity sighting was at the Cannes film festival, but it's not like I ran into anybody, I saw them walking into the theatre or out or restuarants from like 20 feet away and through a huge gawking crowd. Totally not the same thing as seeing someone in the raw, in a natural/casual habitat.