Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pac-10 Championship

USC made it to the Pac-10 Championship game today. Tied for 3rd in the conference, SC has had a great year. Better than normal. In fact on TV today they said, statistically, USC has not had an offense like this in 22 years and a defense in 47 years! We beat Washington State, the #2 seed last night and we looked great. Now we just had to beat Oregon to win the tournament title. We beat Oregon twice this year already so how hard could it be? Well, I guess pretty hard. Since we got blown away. We were outplayed the entire game. It was aweful. We looked tired. Our game ended close to midnight last night with WSU, so that may have been a factor, but wow, Oregon looked great. They just about hit every 3-pointer they tried. We couldn't hardly make a lay-up. Pretty dissapointing today, but what a great season the Trojans have had. They got their new arena on campus this year and they have the #1 recruit coming to USC next year. Looks like USC wants to have an impact on basketball like they do in football. FIGHT ON, TROJANS. Let's get ready for the Big Dance and put this game behind us. We will find out tomorrow where USC will be playing in the NCAA Tournament. BYU lost to UNLV today too in the Mnt.West Tourney. Bummer!

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