Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Activities

I had a busy weekend. At work on Friday the 13th, I hosted the clinic's 3rd Annual "Death by Chocolate". The staff makes chocolate desserts and we have a panel of judges vote the top 3 for prizes. The last two years I have placed 3rd both times. This year I fell short, and I thought I had my best dishes ever. Yes, dishes, I made two dishes. One was a classic "Texas Sheet Cake" and then I tried a new recipe, "Chocolate "Berried Treasure" Bars. They were good but not good enough, obviously. The winner was a peanut butter/chocolate cookie. A cookie beat me out!

Saturday morning on Valentine's Day, Page and I had a nice breakfast down at Pepes. They have the best breakfasts in town, in my opinion. It was nice to go out to breakfast with my sweetheart. The rest of the day we were busy preparing for a Ward Activity. We are in charge of activies/socials at church. Saturday night we planned an Adult's only party. We had people bring either desserts or appetizers. We provided the punch, and we had dancing, party games and karaoki. Let's just say I had no idea how many wannabe singers we had a church. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday was our day of rest. We were tired and sore from all that dancing. I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day too.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eagle Soaring

Page, Lacey and I spent the day in Billings on Saturday. On our way to the big city, we saw a beautiful Bald Eagle flying up above the road near Bridger, Montana. It was a beautiful, warm, clear day and the view of this majestic bird was awe inspiring. We also saw some beautiful hawks hunting mice in the fields. I guess we were not the only ones taking advantage of the sunshine.