Friday, October 27, 2006

Moving Day is Here

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I don't know when I will be posting anything again. We are right in the middle of packing up our household. And the fun part is we are packing to send everything to two locations! Page and Sean are going to Montana and Lacey and I are going to Wyoming until after Sean graduates from High School, then we get to move all the Montana stuff down to Wyoming. It has been really slow going since Page hurt her foot and we are cleaning out all the junk.... that takes a lot of time vs. just throwing everything in boxes. Some ladies from Church came over this morning to pack our kitchen. We are so very grateful to them. Bekins Moving & Storage arrive tomorrow morning and the packing begins. Then on Sunday morning we head north, stopping in Kansas the first night and Wyoming the second night. We should be at the house in Wyoming on Halloween afternoon.... waiting for our stuff. Then once the movers arrive- we head up to Montana to drop off more stuff, then it's back to Wyoming to start my new job. The computer is going with Page and Sean. Poor Lacey is going to have withdrawls. Lacey and I will use the computer at the local library, I guess. So be patient for my next exciting post.

So you gonna vote?

Foley (Republican) Scandal- hitting on young male Page's, now Webb (Democrat) is exposed in writing some pretty shocking novels that include raunchy porn and bizarre pedophelia? I guess there are bad apples everywhere. I know you have to look at issues, and who is supporting the issues you believe in, but is it unreasonable to also want those representing us in the government to be of high morals and character? After Clinton, it was refreshing to bring in Bush. Less than two weeks until the election and the mud is flying- I wonder how it is going to turn out?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Remember the Alamo

Sean and I made a quick trip to San Antonio
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a couple weeks ago. Sean has always wanted to see the Alamo and we had to do it before we moved from Texas. It is a 5 hour drive from our house. We got up early on weekend and drove straight to San Antonio, toured the Alamo, looked at the River Walk and ate down at the Mercado (the Mexican market). Then we got back in the car and drove back home. We had a lot of fun.

Went went down to the River Walk

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We also went to the Mercado for Mexican Food

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Heart Attacked!!!!

Look what happened.... Page got Heart Attacked
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We took our helpers to Sonic for dinner after working so hard cleaning out the garage. When we got home we found all these hearts in our yard. Page got heart attacked by some of the young women in the Ward. Page was so excited. They are really going to miss her. We make good friends everywhere we go.

messages of love were written on the hearts

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Last Sunday in Texas

We had a little surprise yesterday at Church. The speakers from the Stake didn't show up, so the Bishop had a great idea for the Gilmores to get up and share our testimonies. So we got to speak afterall, even though I thought we had gotten lucky and dodged the farewell talk. We have made some really good friends in Texas and we are going to miss them. Below are some pics of the Youth in the Ward.

Today we have been packing the garage. What a job! Sean is out of school this week to help, and the "other three muskateers" go to another high school and had they day off and they were nice enough to spend the day helping us clean out the garage. Now we are ready to get packing. The movers come on Friday to haul everything up North. How what fun we are having....

Lufkin Ward Youth

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The Four Muskateers

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The Priest Quorum

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Page and the YW Presidency

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Livingston says Goodbye

The staff at Livingston invited me down for a party.
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Only two days left of work. I am really going to miss the staff at my clinics. Livingston had a lunch for me yesterday. They are a great group. We were missing Dr. Perez and Annie in the picture. Also Soozi's funeral was last Friday and we all miss her very much. Here I go moving again, leaving behind good friends. L to R: Rose, Julie, Dr. Bui, Shalana, Angela, Dr. Neuman, Jean, Lisa, Sherrie and Nita. (andf of course, I'm the big guy way in the back).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matt Leinart did not look or play like a rookie

There is nobody I like to watch play football more than Matt Leinart
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He led my beloved USC Trojans to so many victories. Now he plays for the Arizona Cardinals. They were on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears last night. Nobody gave them a chance against the #1 Bears who are destined to win the Super Bowl. Matt came out on fire and scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Bears had a lot of turnovers and the Cards were leading 20-0. Unbelievable. But then the Cardinals became "the Cardinals" and lost the game 24-23. However, Matt was unbelievable. His 2nd start, a rookie, and he seemed like a seasoned veteran out there. It was great to watch him play again. The Cards shouldn't have won the game.... but should have won the game.... know what I mean? He fell to #10 pick in the draft this year. People criticized his arm strength, his lack of focus "Mr Hollywood", etc. He is answering his critics now. I bet there are a few teams wishing they picked Leinart now. The Cardinals have a great new stadium, a great new Quarterback, now they need somebody who can run more than 2 yards a carry and a better play caller and maybe they can do something this year.

Matt and Cardinals had a bad night

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Tornado Watch

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Boy have we had a lot of rain today. Our County is under a tornado watch until 7 pm tonight. They have closed the Hwy between us and Houston today due to flooding. My clinic in Livingston is right in the middle of the flooding and some of the workers couldn't get back in to work after picking up their kids after schools closed early. My workers in Jasper are nowhere to be found. They called at 8:30 a.m., afraid of tornados. I've called at 10 am and 2 pm and no answer, so I'm sure they decided to close down and go home. Last year at this time we were dealing with Hurricanes, now we are dealing with Tornados and floods. I'm sure we will have blizzards once I move to Wyoming..... just my luck. But we are all ok. Not too fearful, but things like this put people on edge. It's just a Tornado Watch, meaning conditions are ripe for tornados. If it was a Tornado Warning, that would be more serious, that means funnel clouds have been spoted in the area or tornados have touched down. My clinics are trying to close down early once they see all their patients..... yes, patients are still coming in to the clinics fighting the aweful weather. I'm trying to wrap things up. This is my last week of work. Friday is my last day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

USC beats Arizona State and still undefeated

USC 28 Arizona State 21
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We had another close game yesterday. No big blow outs this year. Our hero was Chauncey Washington. Our Running Back saved this game for us. He took it upon himself in the fourth quarter and with about 10 straight carries took it into the end zone. He was dragging Sundevils along with him down the field. It was unbelievable. We were leading 21-0 and let them back in the game. We have to get a lot healthier and efficient if we are going to beat Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame. Lucky for us we have a bye week next Saturday to heal. Today the BCS rankings came out and we are #2. We are also 6-0, not bad!This season is a lot different from the last two, but I am really enjoying all the nail biting and cliff hangers. FIGHT ON, TROJANS!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


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Sean makes a save

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Sean played his last match in Texas on Thursday. Team tennis played Magnolia down near Houston. Sean and Kaz (doubles) lost a very close match. It started to rain in the third set and a kid from the other team refused to play in the rain (light rain) and so they sat for about 10 minutes until the rain stopped. Sean's team had the momentum before the rain delay, but couldn't hold onto the lead when they resumed.

Lacey says: "Go Trojans, beat the Sundevils!"

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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Why does everthing have to be political? I have been a political junky my whole life and even I am getting sick of all the fighting between the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats hate Bush so much they cannot rally behind him to protect this country. North Korea tests a nuclear weapon the other day and immediately Hillary, Reid and other Democrats start blaming Bush. Bush is the evil one! No- maybe the crazy North Korean leader is the evil one? Can we rally together as Americans to solve this crisis? I know I am being very nieve. Political Power is more important with these people in Washington DC. And it is so phoney watching the Democrats on the Foley scandal. Of course the majority of Americans would be horrified, but to make this a Republicans are evil and we, the Democrats, are morally outraged and superior...... then to find out one of their own seduced and had relations with an underaged Page when they were in power and the guy didn't even resign and the morally superior Democrats didn't do anything is so unbelievable.... wait, it is totally believable. The Republican resigned. The Democrat didn't. This has been the same pattern with many sexual scandals throughout the years between Democrats and Republicans. I have a feeling, people who are for older men being able to have relations with minor boys are overwhelmingly Democrat and not Republican... but I could be wrong. Why do I get the feeling this is all about winning an election and not really about protecting the Pages? But average Americans are outraged, and very well should be, so the Democrats are smart to use it to overturn power in the country.

But when I think about what Democrats and Republicans stand for in regards to national security, war on terrorism, supporting our troops, tax policy, economy, I have to stick with the Republicans... and I will vote. I am not discouraged by the Democrats. Liberals may win, but I am not going to help them. I hope people vote on issues and not on what a Republican congressman did and is now paying dearly for his mistakes. But I have a feeling that many Americans, no matter what side they are for are getting sick of all the fighting, division and unwillingness of the parties to work together for our good. That is the true travesty.

Monday, October 09, 2006

House Hunting in Wyoming

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Page and I have been in Wyoming and Montana for the last week. It took us 3 days in Wyoming until we found a house to rent. We were sweating bullets, but finally found a nice house. Once we got that out of the way, we headed up to Montana to get Sean enrolled into school.
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On Sunday we got to go to the Livingston Ward. It was so great to see everyone. People seemed excited to see us. We were really excited to see them. Here Page is holding little James Melin. He was blessed on Sunday, so we were lucky to see it. During our 3 days in Montana, we went and saw the Melins, McCanns, Gordons, Larsons, Bowdens, Blakes and tried a couple times to see the Cotants. However we got to see everyone (too many to list but loved seeing all nevertheless) at Church on Sunday when we extended our stay in Livingston. We went back to Wyoming on Sunday afternoon.
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This was taken after leaving Church in Livingston. It was overcast, but you can still see all the fall colors. There was a lot of yellow, orange a red in Montana and Wyoming this week.
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They have a new statue in Sacajawea Park. I assume this is Sacajawea.
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Here is a picture of the Shoshone River in Wyoming, near where we will be living.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Washington Heart Attack

USC 26 Washington 20
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This is the second week where if there was more time on the clock we probably would have lost the game. USC is coming up with the wins, but just barely. The thought that this team will go undefeated is very remote. But we are 5-0 at the moment, so I'm going to savor that fact. I got to watch this game in a motel room in Livingston, Montana. Jarrett started the game to my suprise but was pulled the second half due to his injury. Then Steve Smith our other WR was injuried in the second half. This team has had so many injuries, I think that fact will cost us any chance of getting back to the BCS championship. Some of our best players are sidelined with injuries. FIGHT ON!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

USC almost mauled by Cougars

Time for a heart attack!  USC barely wins this one 28-22 up in Pullman, WA.  Washington State never let up and if time hadn't run out could have pulled the upset.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.  The Cougars had the ball last and were poised to score, but USC with no time left intercepts the ball and we walk away with a win.  I sure hope things get a little easier for us, but I have my doubts they will.  These guys are fighters and because of it, we are still undefeated.  FIGHT ON!
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Steve Smith picks up for our All American, Dwayne Jarrett who is injured and may be out a few more weeks.  Steve had two touchdown catches in the game.
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Props to BYU.  They beat the defending Mountain West Champions, TCU, on the road in Fort Worth.  Sean and I wanted to go to the game, but it was on a Thursday night.  BYU has a shot at the MW Championship this year.  TCU was ranked #17 before the loss.  BYU has turned a corner, beating its first ranked team since 1999.  I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON~