Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matt Leinart did not look or play like a rookie

There is nobody I like to watch play football more than Matt Leinart
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He led my beloved USC Trojans to so many victories. Now he plays for the Arizona Cardinals. They were on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears last night. Nobody gave them a chance against the #1 Bears who are destined to win the Super Bowl. Matt came out on fire and scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Bears had a lot of turnovers and the Cards were leading 20-0. Unbelievable. But then the Cardinals became "the Cardinals" and lost the game 24-23. However, Matt was unbelievable. His 2nd start, a rookie, and he seemed like a seasoned veteran out there. It was great to watch him play again. The Cards shouldn't have won the game.... but should have won the game.... know what I mean? He fell to #10 pick in the draft this year. People criticized his arm strength, his lack of focus "Mr Hollywood", etc. He is answering his critics now. I bet there are a few teams wishing they picked Leinart now. The Cardinals have a great new stadium, a great new Quarterback, now they need somebody who can run more than 2 yards a carry and a better play caller and maybe they can do something this year.

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