Friday, October 27, 2006

Moving Day is Here

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I don't know when I will be posting anything again. We are right in the middle of packing up our household. And the fun part is we are packing to send everything to two locations! Page and Sean are going to Montana and Lacey and I are going to Wyoming until after Sean graduates from High School, then we get to move all the Montana stuff down to Wyoming. It has been really slow going since Page hurt her foot and we are cleaning out all the junk.... that takes a lot of time vs. just throwing everything in boxes. Some ladies from Church came over this morning to pack our kitchen. We are so very grateful to them. Bekins Moving & Storage arrive tomorrow morning and the packing begins. Then on Sunday morning we head north, stopping in Kansas the first night and Wyoming the second night. We should be at the house in Wyoming on Halloween afternoon.... waiting for our stuff. Then once the movers arrive- we head up to Montana to drop off more stuff, then it's back to Wyoming to start my new job. The computer is going with Page and Sean. Poor Lacey is going to have withdrawls. Lacey and I will use the computer at the local library, I guess. So be patient for my next exciting post.

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