Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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Why does everthing have to be political? I have been a political junky my whole life and even I am getting sick of all the fighting between the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats hate Bush so much they cannot rally behind him to protect this country. North Korea tests a nuclear weapon the other day and immediately Hillary, Reid and other Democrats start blaming Bush. Bush is the evil one! No- maybe the crazy North Korean leader is the evil one? Can we rally together as Americans to solve this crisis? I know I am being very nieve. Political Power is more important with these people in Washington DC. And it is so phoney watching the Democrats on the Foley scandal. Of course the majority of Americans would be horrified, but to make this a Republicans are evil and we, the Democrats, are morally outraged and superior...... then to find out one of their own seduced and had relations with an underaged Page when they were in power and the guy didn't even resign and the morally superior Democrats didn't do anything is so unbelievable.... wait, it is totally believable. The Republican resigned. The Democrat didn't. This has been the same pattern with many sexual scandals throughout the years between Democrats and Republicans. I have a feeling, people who are for older men being able to have relations with minor boys are overwhelmingly Democrat and not Republican... but I could be wrong. Why do I get the feeling this is all about winning an election and not really about protecting the Pages? But average Americans are outraged, and very well should be, so the Democrats are smart to use it to overturn power in the country.

But when I think about what Democrats and Republicans stand for in regards to national security, war on terrorism, supporting our troops, tax policy, economy, I have to stick with the Republicans... and I will vote. I am not discouraged by the Democrats. Liberals may win, but I am not going to help them. I hope people vote on issues and not on what a Republican congressman did and is now paying dearly for his mistakes. But I have a feeling that many Americans, no matter what side they are for are getting sick of all the fighting, division and unwillingness of the parties to work together for our good. That is the true travesty.

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Jenn said...

Well said! I'll second that!