Monday, May 29, 2006

Take a Hike

For Memorial Day we had a picnic in our backyard of chicken, potato salad and green salad.  For dessert we had oatmeal scotchies (cookies).  Do you like our Halloween tablecloth?  We talked about all the great Memorial Day bar-b-q's that Page's parents used to host when we were younger.  They would invite friends and family over for a big spread.  Ours was a little smaller- just the three of us (Page, Lacey and me).  Sean is probably eating buffalo burgers in Montana.
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After dinner I talked Lacey into going on a hike with me up at the Stephen F. Austin Interpretive Trail in Nacogdoches.  It wasn't too hot today and no humidity so I thought this would be a nice afternoon to go walking.  The trail was very peaceful.  We were the only ones on it.
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Here is Lacey by the creek. I wonder who she is thinking about with those lips puckered like that?......
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And here is the old guy trying to get some excercise while enjoying the great outdoors.  I really enjoyed hiking with Lacey.  The only animals we saw were some dragonflies, other bugs, and a couple lizards.  We took the short one mile trail.  Maybe we will try the advanced trail sometime.

Happy Memorial Day

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We honor all that fought and died for this great country and the freedoms we have.  I have family members who have fought in wars and have served our nation, but I am not sure if I have any that have died while in service.  My Grandpa Gilmore fought in WWI, my Uncle Larry and Uncle Jim in WWII, my Dad served in the Coast Guard, although he was lucky enough not to have fought in a war, but was protecting the homeland during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  Page's Dad fought in WWII also, while in the Navy.  Lucky for us, they all came back.  So many don't.  Today we have some of our finest men and women fighting for our freedoms and protecting us from terrorism.  To them, I say THANK YOU, and may you come home safe to your families.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mom's Birthday

Today is Page's Mom's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM !!! We had been lucky the last few years to have her visiting us during her birthday so we could celebrate with her. This year she is back home in California and we are here in Texas. So our birthday wishes have to be sent over the telephone and on this blog. We love you and miss you.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Well we went to bed about midnight last night and had to get up at 2 a.m. to get ready and head down to Houston to take Sean to the aiport for a 6:18 a.m. departure to Montana. So we got about 2 hours of sleep. Sean made it to the airport and onto his flight. Page and I then headed over to the Houston Temple for a session. We had only been in the baptistry, so this was a treat to go in the temple. It has similar colors and furniture as the Billings Temple, except more of a putty color on the walls. By the time we finished our trip to the temple we headed north to Huntsville then over to Livingston to head home. When we got to Huntsville look what we ran into:
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A statue of Sam Houston. It is the largest free standing statue in the world of an American Hero. At least thats what the sign said. As you may know. Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana and revenged the loss of the Alamo and gained independence for Texas. He became the first President of the Republic of Texas and then its governor when it joined the United States. How's that for learning my Texas history? We got to Livingston, TX and stopped for a bite to eat and we talked to Sean on the phone. He was already in Livington, MT (hey we were all in Livingston at the same time... hehe). We hadn't even gotten home yet and he was already in Montana. We came home and crashed and caught up on our sleep.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sean's A Senior!

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Sean passed the 11th grade today. The guy made it through his Junior year with a perfect 4.0 !!! Way to go Sean. So now Sean is officially a Senior.

The Class of 2007 rocks.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Birthday Boy

Tonight we had a nice homemade dinner for Sean.  He got some of his favorites-  chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce ....
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Then came some presents.  A shirt from Lacey
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CD from Mom and Dad- "Taking Back Sunday"  Then he got his birthday cake and blew out all his candles.  A couple of his friends came over earlier and hung out for awhile, tomorrow he goes to dinner with some school friends and it's his last day of school, then off to Montana on Friday.  Sounds like a good birthday to me.
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Happy Birthday Sean

Where did this little boy go?
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Sean is 17 today. Or baby boy is almost out of the nest. Where does the time go? He has been a wonderful son and he is an outstanding person. We are so proud of him. For his birthday today Page is making his favorite meal- chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes. For his birthday he got some clothes from grandparents and Lacey, 17 bags of his favorite peach rings candy from Grandma and Grandpa and we are helping him pay for his trip to Montana. He leaves on Friday morning and will be gone for two weeks. Tomorrow is his last day of school and a group of kids from his History class found out it's his birthday today so they are taking him out to eat at a local resturant tomorrow night. Sounds like there will be a big group there to help celebrate Sean's birthday.

We love you a lot Sean and glad you are part of our family. Have a great year!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Kat Pack

Kathrine sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" beautifully tonight
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Since day one of the American Idol competition this year, I have been supporting Kathrine McPhee. Not only is she a California Girl, but she reminds me a lot of I have to be for Kat. Kat and Taylor sang in the finals tonight. Both were very good. It will be interesting to see who America goes for. The judges think it will go to Taylor. I say the Kat Pack is better than the Soul Patrol. I have the McPheever!!! We find out tomorrow.

Did y'all notice how they gave Kathrine a terrible song to sing as her single? Wonder if that was done on purpose.....

Thursday, May 18, 2006


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I went to Dallas on Wednesday night because I had a meeting today at our corporate offices.  It was about a 4 hour drive. I just got home and I'm pretty tired.  Before I left Dallas this afternoon, I drove by the temple and took this picture on my cell phone.  It's amazing to me how I can take a picture with a phone and send it to my computer over 200 miles away.  Before I left Dallas, I had to eat dinner, so I stopped at the Macaroni Grill.  That was a treat. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kathryn is engaged

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Our neice, Kathyrn, returned from her mission in Chicago in March and is already engaged.  She went over to Page's parents for Mother's Day with this nice young man, Matt, with her.  I guess they had been friends for several years and started getting serious since she has been back.  Grandma and Grandpa like the boy.  We haven't met him, but we are excited for her.  She is planning on getting married in the Newport Beach Temple in November.  Her mom (Page's sis) and her dad think she is moving way to fast.  I remember my Dad thought I was moving too fast, but once I knew Page was the one, I didn't want to drag it out.  Congrats Kathyrn!  We will be going to California for the wedding. 

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Meals

Here is an orange dream cake I made yesterday.  I tried to make a double round cake. Not so good on the icing, but I tried my best.  We had it tonight with ice cream.
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For dinner, I fried some chicken and tried out three new salads.  A strawberry walnut salad with fresh spinach,  a watermelon salad with sweet onion and feta cheese with chopped mint.  And lastly, a green bean/pea and tomatoe salad with egg. It's a cold salad with mayo on a bed of lettuce.
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Earlier before church I baked a spinach and bacon quiche with orange glazed cinnamon rolls. 
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I hope Page liked the effort.  She surely is worth every minute.  Happy Mother's Day to Page, my Mom and Page's Mom.  They are the greatest.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Stove

Here is our old microwave and stove.  The microwave handle broke off and the door of the oven only opens part way. So it was time for some new appliance.
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Here are our new Kenmore appliances.  They were put in today.  I have a full menu planned for Mother's Day, so I have already broken in the appliances baking cakes and cooking dishes ahead of time. 
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I will let you know how my Mother's Day meals turn out tomorrow.  I'm really tired today.  This preparing for special meals is a lot of hard work.

Air Force Jazz

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Lacey and I went to a free concert last night (Friday) to see the Air Force Jazz Band.  It was like going back to the 40's.  I played the Tenor Sax in school and played some of that same music... ahhh the memories!  The highlight was when the trumpet player (above) put the horn down and sang a Sinatra song- "You make me feel so young".  My toe was tapping and I had a good time.
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We were in a high school auditorium.  The seat in front of me had a little message.  I guess BB really really really loves LB !!!

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It was interesting to see the female jazz singer getting into the music while still in AF uniform.  Didn't seem to fit, but hey, these folks were talented.  They tour all over AZ, NM, TX and LA.  After the concert, Lacey and I headed over to Sonic for some treats. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Awards Night

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Sean received the "German Academic Excellence" Award at the annual Awards Night at his high school tonight. He told us about a week ago he was going to get the award. We were very excited. It was held at the Baptist Church. He was sitting with us in the pews and we were wondering where all the other students were. Then they all come through a door one by one as their name is called. Sean has to scurry over to the line. But he made it and as they called his name he walked up the stairs to shake the Principal's hand. I go to take a picture of this memorable event and the camera goes dead. Just like when he was getting his National Honor Society Certificate a month ago! UGH. My blood starts to boil because I asked if the batteries were good in the camera.... of course nobody took responsibility to get the camera ready. Before we left the house, I go to find some batteries "just in case" and of course I can only find AAA or D batteries and I need AA. Then I find two sitting on the counter. Are they any good? (I dunno....). Well if they were bad, wouldn't somebody throw them away, since the trash is literally inches from where I find them on the counter. So I'm about to take the shot and I see the batteries are dead, so I quickly throw in the spares.... DEAD! Well..... Sean shakes the principal's hand, gets his award, and then shakes his German Teacher's hand.... Of course, I miss the whole thing because I am frantically trying to get the camera to work. I'm so frustrated. So here is a picture of Sean once we got home. I stopped on the way home to buy new batteries. We also went to Dairy Queen, but nobody is too festive after I get upset.

Something interesting happened in the Church. Page was talking to this older man next to her and he was very nice and talkative. Page mentioned we just moved from Montana. He quickly asked if we had a church yet (a common question in the South). She told him yes, we were Mormon. His countenance changed, and he physically turned his back on her and didn't speak one more word to her the rest of the night. Yeah, that is being a good Christian! You know, I have strong views on Religion too, but if I meet somebody who I disagree with I don't treat them rudely just because of his or her belief. Unbelievable. Anyway, congratulations Sean. Top German student!!!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home from the Hospital

Ive been in the hospital since yesterday morning! Tuesday night I started to feel really sick. The stomach flu has been going through town, and I guess I got it. I started throwing up Tuesday evening and continued through out the night. Then at about 6 a.m. Wed. morning I was in the bathroom throwing up and the next thing I remember, Page is standing over me yelling my name. I blacked out and landed on the tile floor, splitting my face open. Blood was everywhere. I guess I was out for a little bit. This happened to me about a year ago in Montana, so we decided to go to the hospital. We also thought I might need stitches. Well, they decided to admit me into the hospital. I'm still really tired, but after breakfast today, I didn't throw up so they decided to send me home. Everybody was really helpful and nice, but it is sure good to be home.
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Here is a picture of my face. I haven't shaved yet, but you can see the bandaged cut above my head and the cut on my nose and side of my eye. It was really swollen yesterday, and is looking much better today. I might have a small scar. (now I have to come up with an interesting story about how I got it....). I think I'm going to stay home the rest of the week and take it easy.

Page stayed with me all morning in the ER, bless her heart. Sean came up after school on his own to see me and Page and Lacey stopped by last night. The Bishop also came by after Mutual. One of the doctors I work for also stopped to see how I was doing and a couple of her nurses. Page's parents and my Mom called me from California. It was kind of nice to be pampered and have people concerned. I know I gave Page a fright when she heard a crash and found me blacked out on the floor with my head bleeding. I guess I will do anything for attention. But I am doing a lot better now after drinking 2 IV bags full of potassium.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Matt Leinart- Arizona Cardinals

Matt Leinart was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday in the NFL Draft.  He was the #10 draftee, but was hoping to go higher than that. His teamate, Reggie Bush, went #2 to New Orleans.  I'm a huge Matt Leinart fan and think he will do great in Arizona. I don't think they were his first choice, but may turn out to be the best place for him.  Matt was great at USC and I enjoyed watching him play every week.  I haven't been a big NFL fan, but I think I will be watching this guy.  I am the newest Arizona Cardinal Fan. 
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Matt will be #7 (his high school baseball team number)  #11 (his USC number) is already taken.  Arizona is thrilled to have Matt, they called their luck "a gift from heaven" since nobody expected he still would be available when it was time for the Cardinals to pick.  In fact they picked within minutes of their turn, even though they had 15 minutes.  They wanted to send a message how they felt about Matt and ran to the podium to make their selection.  I think Matt will be one of the great QBs in the NFL.  Matt will always be a Trojan.