Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kathryn is engaged

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Our neice, Kathyrn, returned from her mission in Chicago in March and is already engaged.  She went over to Page's parents for Mother's Day with this nice young man, Matt, with her.  I guess they had been friends for several years and started getting serious since she has been back.  Grandma and Grandpa like the boy.  We haven't met him, but we are excited for her.  She is planning on getting married in the Newport Beach Temple in November.  Her mom (Page's sis) and her dad think she is moving way to fast.  I remember my Dad thought I was moving too fast, but once I knew Page was the one, I didn't want to drag it out.  Congrats Kathyrn!  We will be going to California for the wedding. 

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Jamie said...

That's the coolest! I say No DILLY DALLYING, especially post-mission! I used to think the opposite-- I dated someone on and off for 10 years who turned scary once we were engaged. A year later I met Rich on 9/23/00, got engaged on 10/28/00, married on 2/17/01, and had Addie on 11/21/01--proving that (a) wrong is wrong no matter how long you drag it out, and (b) when it's right, go for it. Fast? Works for me.