Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Kat Pack

Kathrine sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" beautifully tonight
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Since day one of the American Idol competition this year, I have been supporting Kathrine McPhee. Not only is she a California Girl, but she reminds me a lot of Page.....so I have to be for Kat. Kat and Taylor sang in the finals tonight. Both were very good. It will be interesting to see who America goes for. The judges think it will go to Taylor. I say the Kat Pack is better than the Soul Patrol. I have the McPheever!!! We find out tomorrow.

Did y'all notice how they gave Kathrine a terrible song to sing as her single? Wonder if that was done on purpose.....

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Shame on you!!!! (hee hee) I am ALL for SOUL PATROL!!!!!!

Kat reminds me of everyone else...yes she is beautiful...but she just seems so ordinary.
Now Taylor.....not only is funky and crazy, the boy CAN"T dance, sings from his soul AND can blow on a harmonica like there is NO tomorrow!!! (Oh yeah, and that gray...makes him even sexier)
What more could a girl ask for????