Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Awards Night

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Sean received the "German Academic Excellence" Award at the annual Awards Night at his high school tonight. He told us about a week ago he was going to get the award. We were very excited. It was held at the Baptist Church. He was sitting with us in the pews and we were wondering where all the other students were. Then they all come through a door one by one as their name is called. Sean has to scurry over to the line. But he made it and as they called his name he walked up the stairs to shake the Principal's hand. I go to take a picture of this memorable event and the camera goes dead. Just like when he was getting his National Honor Society Certificate a month ago! UGH. My blood starts to boil because I asked if the batteries were good in the camera.... of course nobody took responsibility to get the camera ready. Before we left the house, I go to find some batteries "just in case" and of course I can only find AAA or D batteries and I need AA. Then I find two sitting on the counter. Are they any good? (I dunno....). Well if they were bad, wouldn't somebody throw them away, since the trash is literally inches from where I find them on the counter. So I'm about to take the shot and I see the batteries are dead, so I quickly throw in the spares.... DEAD! Well..... Sean shakes the principal's hand, gets his award, and then shakes his German Teacher's hand.... Of course, I miss the whole thing because I am frantically trying to get the camera to work. I'm so frustrated. So here is a picture of Sean once we got home. I stopped on the way home to buy new batteries. We also went to Dairy Queen, but nobody is too festive after I get upset.

Something interesting happened in the Church. Page was talking to this older man next to her and he was very nice and talkative. Page mentioned we just moved from Montana. He quickly asked if we had a church yet (a common question in the South). She told him yes, we were Mormon. His countenance changed, and he physically turned his back on her and didn't speak one more word to her the rest of the night. Yeah, that is being a good Christian! You know, I have strong views on Religion too, but if I meet somebody who I disagree with I don't treat them rudely just because of his or her belief. Unbelievable. Anyway, congratulations Sean. Top German student!!!!!!

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