Friday, May 26, 2006


Well we went to bed about midnight last night and had to get up at 2 a.m. to get ready and head down to Houston to take Sean to the aiport for a 6:18 a.m. departure to Montana. So we got about 2 hours of sleep. Sean made it to the airport and onto his flight. Page and I then headed over to the Houston Temple for a session. We had only been in the baptistry, so this was a treat to go in the temple. It has similar colors and furniture as the Billings Temple, except more of a putty color on the walls. By the time we finished our trip to the temple we headed north to Huntsville then over to Livingston to head home. When we got to Huntsville look what we ran into:
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A statue of Sam Houston. It is the largest free standing statue in the world of an American Hero. At least thats what the sign said. As you may know. Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana and revenged the loss of the Alamo and gained independence for Texas. He became the first President of the Republic of Texas and then its governor when it joined the United States. How's that for learning my Texas history? We got to Livingston, TX and stopped for a bite to eat and we talked to Sean on the phone. He was already in Livington, MT (hey we were all in Livingston at the same time... hehe). We hadn't even gotten home yet and he was already in Montana. We came home and crashed and caught up on our sleep.

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