Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wheat Montana

Page and I found ourselves in Bozeman today to get some errands done. We stopped at Wheat Montana and split a roast beef sandwich. Boy was that good! I also had a blueberry and cream croissant. Wheat Montana makes the best white bread for toast too! Best I've ever had. They have some unbelievable danish, croissont, muffins, etc. stuffed with strawberry cream or blueberry cream. Whenever I had to go to Helena for business I would stop off at their original farm and store in Three Forks for a danish. What a treat!

Earlier today Page and I went up to church to practice a song for an Easter fireside on Sunday. However, we couldn't find an accompanist to play the song they wanted us to sing "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked". So we ended up talking Lacey into taking our place and sing "His Hands". She wasn't too happy, but she agreed. When she sings that song I get all gooey in the eyes.

Sean went with the Priest Quorum to try out their snow shoes they have been making at Mutual. They went up to the Crazy Mountains to find some snow. Everything down below has melted with this 70 degree weather. I just love global warming!

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Kira Joy said...

I don't think you have any clue how delicious a blueberry cream croissant sounds right now. WoW! I you always convince me to make my way up there.