Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Was I just bragging about how much I love global warming? Well it was nice while it lasted. We got hit with a huge storm today and supposed to go into tomorrow. Possibly we can have a foot or more snow. They say the area hasn't had a storm like this in 2-3 years. Yep, good 'ol snow. It's been blowing all day. It's miserable today. But at least we have moisture. In this high desert town, that is very welcomed. But I was getting used to short sleeves and no jacket. It might be a slow day at work tomorrow if nobody can make it into town. Oh, I'm dreaming of a white April.......
update: day 2 (Thursday) of storm not so bad. Lots of snow on the ground and wind, but not much new stuff falling as of 11 a.m. Thursday. Now I have heard this is worse storm since 1995, and somebody said since 1955. Central WY got more snow with 40 inches in the Wind River Canyon. But here in the Basin, only about 5 inches.
update 2 (Friday)- still snowing. More snow that this basin has seen in a long long time. All interstates and main highways have been closed in Wyoming. Nobody can move. One of the few roads, the road from Powell to Montana is still open, but a few people have said they are surprised it is still open because it is white out conditions, trucks are jack knifing, and one person yesterday came down that road and what normally takes about 45 minutes took him 3 hours. Lacey wants to go to Montana this weekend, but I have a feeling we are homebound.

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Jenn said...

I was just thinking that the "nice" weather was to good to be true alsp! Livingston was a bit chilly today, too. A whoppin'36...bbbrrrr.
Saw Sean's photo in the paper tonight! Does Paige get the Enterprise?
Enjoy the won't lastlong