Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sean Conquers Hardin

Sean challenged the #1 singles player at his school a few weeks ago and beat him, so now Sean is the #1 singles player for his team. How cool is that?!? So now the team goes to it's first meet in Hardin today. Last time Sean played Hardin he got beat, the whole team got beat. This year it was a different story. Sean played their #1 player and beat him 8-2. He totally dominated the guy. The PHS Mens Varsity Team beat Hardin 4-3. CONGRATS RANGERS!!! After all the matches were played the coaches wanted to match up some other players to give them additional practice. At first Hardin didn't want to put anybody up against Sean. They finally did and Sean beat that guy too! So Sean beat their top two players. Later in the day, one of Sean's coaches called him "the team's weapon". Sean owns Hardin !!!

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Karie said...

Your kids are so talented Mike! Congrats to both Sean and Lacey!!!