Monday, April 10, 2006

District Tournament

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Sean participated in the JV District Tournament today in The Woodlands. All the schools in the district were represented. Sean first had a bye, then went on to play a guy from College Park. He won. Then he played a guy from Huntsville. He lost the first set, won the second and then went on win the tie-breaker. The guy he played was a hoot to watch because he would get upset if he missed a point. Then Sean went onto the semi-finals. The only player from his high school to get that far in the tournament. He played a guy from Klein Collins that he had beat in the past. Well, he won the first set, but lost the second and went into a tie-breaker. He was leading the tie-breaker, but at the end could not hold onto the lead and lost the semi-final. He wasn't too happy about it because he felt he could have won that match and go into the finals. But instead he played for third place. He easily won another guy from Klein Collins who also lost his semi-finals game. And so he won 3rd in the tournament, which is really great. There were a lot of schools and players participating, so third is very respectable and we are very proud of Sean. Here is a picture of him with his bronze medal. His semi-final match was really the championship game to me, because the guy that beat him was destined to win the tournament. Page, Lacey and I went to the tournament to cheer him on.

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