Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Garland Fairchild

Brother Fairchild passed away on Sunday night and the funeral was today.  I took Todd, Jared and Sean to the funeral home last night during the viewing and then attended the funeral this afternoon.  Jared and Sean had state testing at school, but made it through and finished before getting checked out of school to go to the funeral.  Todd gave the opening prayer and Sean gave the closing.  These three boys are very muched loved by the Fairchild family.  Old ladies were all coming up to them giving them big hugs and kisses all day.  The men were all coming up to me to tell me what a great son I have and how much they appreciate what these boys have done.  Most are not members of the Church. In fact after the funeral they invited us to the Methodist Church in Diboll for some supper.  Once there, these boys were given the royal treatment.  I think that the Methodist and Baptist ladies love them more than the Mormon ones do!  I told them that if they lived in Diboll they would be celebrities.  The whole little town loves them.   Seriously, I am so proud of these young men, and especially my son.  The service and love they gave was truly a blessing in this family's life, and in turn, was a blessing in these young men's lives.  Nobody had to make these boys go visit every week.  They just did it quietly and on their own every week since last September.  I'm sure most of the Ward didn't even know the service these boys were providing.  Brother Fairchild's son was in tears when he was talking to me about the boys. The ladies didn't want to let them go,  hugging and kissing on them.  Sean told me that the boys have decided to keep going to Sister Fairchild's house every Sunday to visit after Church, even though she is not a member of our Church.  They just want to keep that contact with her.  Ok- if that doesn't make a Father proud, I don't know what does!  Brother Fairchild's son through his tears told me today, "these boys are going to grow up to be fine men".  I replied that Sean was a good boy and I'm proud of him.  I also told him that Sean and the boys got as much out of this experience as his Dad did.  The son said, "Actions speak louder than words" and the boys surely have proven that.
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Todd, Jared and Sean-  Three Priests that honor their Priesthood.

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