Saturday, October 18, 2008

USC destroys the Cougars

USC 69 Washington State 0

First back-to-back shut out for USC since 1971. Biggest defeat in WSU history. Last time WSU was shut out at Martin Stadium was 52 years ago. Last time USC had that big of a shut out was in 1931 when they beat Montana 69-0.

USC didn't try to run up the score either. The coach started pulling out the first string as early as the first quarter. By the third quarter we had all our 2nd string in. By the 4th quarter we had our 3rd string quarterback in and they still scored just running basic plays. Not a good day for the Cougars. I was planning on attending the game this year too since it is the closest Pac-10 school to northern Wyoming, but I ended up attending a wedding reception of my boss's son tonight. (Great cake by the way- yes I had a piece!). But I am excited to say, I will be in California on the 8th and got tickets to the USC-Cal game. So I am taking my twin brother with me to a game in the Coliseum this year. I can't wait.

I am sad to say another Cougar team lost this week too. BYU lost at TCU (a very tough opponent) on Thursday night. I was hoping for an undefeated season, but they are still having a great year and I am excpecting them to beat Utah!

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