Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Sick of the Sarah Palin Attacks

I am really tired of the daily barrage of attacks on the GOP VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Some are really getting ridiculous. Her email has been hacked, she is called Caribou Barbie, Her family is attacked and horrible things are being said of them or joked about them. CNN misquotes a National Review Article and asks her to respong to being stupid... the list goes on and on. Now they are attacking money spent on her clothes, yet just as much was spent on "Greek columns" for Obama's acceptance speech, but that's ok? What about the cost for Biden's botox or hair plugs? That's ok? Not a word. But the media jumped on the clothes story like it was the biggest scandal to rock the western world. The other day I turned on Hardball with Chris Matthews and the hatred and venom coming from him was amazing because Palin said to a third grader that the VP gets to be in charge of the Senate and help shape policy. He made a crack that she should have bought a copy of the constitution instead of all those high cost clothes, and she wasn't fit to be VP because she didn't know the job description, etc... GET OFF IT, CHRIS! You are such an Obama homer. Aren't you the one that got a "tingle"up your leg when you heard Obama speak? Give me a break! And did you get on the airwaves to say Biden is not fit to be VP because in his debate with Palin he screwed up about where the VP duties were located in the constitution. And Biden has been in Washington for something like 26 years? Yet I never hear critical reports on Obama or Biden ever. Only McCain and Palin, and mostly Palin.

Sarah Palin is the most popular governor in the United States. She knows a lot more about energy issues than any of the other three running for President and VP. She has more executive experience than all the others too. And her political views are aligned with mine more than the other three too. Is the media and Democratic party afraid of Palin? Is that why all the personal attacks? They are not going at her for her political views, but her personal life, family life, looks, clothes, gaffs. It's disgusting. I am sick of the whole lot of them.

Am I wrong, or is the media not even trying to hide their bias anymore? They are just an arm of the Democratic campaign. I never hear them say one good thing about any Republican. But the Democrats will save us all and walk on water. Unbelievable.

Democrats have controlled both Houses of Congress for two years. Yep, the last two years have been wonderful, haven't they? How many states are controlled by Democratic Governors and Legislatures? Are those states just doing wonderful? I guess it's all Bush's fault, not the Democrats in charge of those states.

I'm just really frustrated. If the country votes Obama, so be it. But I can't abide the press giving Obama a pass on most everything and going after only the Republican ticket.

Am I off base?

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