Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day with Lacey

Billings, Montana

Another weekend has come and gone. I spent a wonderful day with my daughter, Lacey, on Saturday. Page and I were going to take her to Billings with us this weekend as we shopped for Sean's Christmas goodies we want to mail to Argentina in about a month.

Well, Page came down sick on Friday and was down and out all weekend, but I still was able to go to Billings with Lacey and shop the day away. We ended up just getting a few things here and there, but it was nice to spend the day just talking and enjoying being together. We also had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. And it was a blast sitting on the massage chairs in the middle of the Mall with you Lacey. I could really get use to that!

Too bad we didn't get our way with kitten adoptions.... meow!

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