Thursday, October 04, 2007

I talked to Fator

Did any of you watch "America's Got Talent" this summer? The winner was Terry Fator. I didn't watch the show and I never heard of Terry Fator, but he won a million dollars for his talent.

I did talk to Mr Fator on an elevator in Sheridan, WY on Wed. night. He was at the Wyoming Hospital Association conference, to entertain us after dinner. I was coming down for dinner in the elevator and he entered the elevator at one of the stops. He had some luggage and I made a comment on a tag he had on it. We only exchanged a few words and then we exited the elevator. Later, I recognized him as he was putting on his show. It was great! He is very talented. He was funny. He could immitate so many voices as he sung their songs. His puppets were funny. He said he is opening in Vegas in a couple weeks. I'm sure he will be a big hit.

Well, that is my story about meeting a celebrity in Wyoming.


marti b said...

Haha!!! I enjoyed your blog!
I used to live in Wyoming (circa 1980)!
Blessings for a lovely weekend!
Marti B

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

I did watch the last few episodes of that show. This man was incredible. My absolutely favorite was his rendition of the old Louis Armstrong song. Oh wow, that man has some serious talent. He deserved the win.

Kira Joy said...

How cool! I watched a couple episodes and he blew my mind! I think it is insane when people can imitate voices, but then to imitate voices, including singing voices, without moving your lips...that's phenomenal!