Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain is showing better Leadership

Although I don't think McCain is the better man on the economy vs. Romney, I still do not trust Obama to run anything in the government, especially the economy! And it was very clear to me how much he is only in it for himself (Obama) by his reaction today when McCain asked that they both suspend their campaign for a few days to get back to Washington, D.C. to work on the financial crisis hitting the country. McCain is putting country first. He walks the talk! Obama's response? Call me if you need me. Obama loves to attack McCain on the things he has done, but at least he gets in there and does something. What has Obama done in his role as US Senator that means anything? He can't even suspend his campaign a couple days to go do the job the voters of IL elected him to do? US Senate Leader, Reid, said they didn't need Obama...... they got that right!!!

I'm sure they will paint McCain as just scared to debate, or doing this for a gimmick, but I believe McCain does put country first. And why would he be afraid to debate foreign policy- the topic of Friday's debate. McCain has more foreign policy experience in his little finger compared to Obama's whole body.

I have more respect for McCain for his decision to go solve our national crises over his desire to be President, something Obama just doesn't get.....

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