Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spanish Shame

Here is the Prime Minister of Spain, Zapatero, wearing a Palestinian Scarf
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after condeming Israel. I love Spain, but this government is so wrong. This guy would not even be prime minister if the terrorists didn't bomb Madrid right before the election, and the citizens wimped out and caved into the terrorists. Now this is what they get. A man who has stated he understands where the Nazi's were coming from. He is a socialist and hates Jews. The world is turning its back on Israel. I hear lots of condemnation of Israel, but very little of Hizbollah. What is this world comming to? I'm proud America is still standing with Israel in its right to exist and to defend itself. Please Spain, please come back to sanity.... and soon! I can understand France, but not you Spain!

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Jamie said...

Poor Spain. I wrote about them caving to the terrorists in HEidi's Birth Story because I was watching CNN in the hospital! I was happy to hear that the UN condemned BOTH Hezbollah AND Israel this time around instead of just Israel. Did you notice in the back of the August Ensign there is an article about how the Jerusalem Center just reopened to students after five years? WHAT TIMING! How sad that they are all probably on their way home again.